Monday, October 1, 2012

Weird, But Good to Be Back

Dear Family,

     Good afternoon Utah from Bloomington!  haha  Sorry that I am so late in writing but today has been a lot of preparation for us to get ready for a leadership meeting tomorrow with all the Zone Leaders and District Leaders.  It should be a really great meeting with a big focus on improving our teaching by helping people commit to change.  President Clements wants to focus on "faith unto repentance" for the people we teach and having us as missionaries focus on listening to the Spirit in asking questions and relating to people so that we can teach and commit them to make changes in their lives.  It should be really good and really help our mission improve.

     It is such a great time to be a missionary here in the MMM!  General Conference (a.k.a. Missionary Super Bowl) is this weekend so that is way exciting!  We are pumped for that!  Then that presentation/ musical fireside with Sister Gladys Knight is going to be a week from Wednesday in the 10th.  That's going to be such a great opportunity and blessing for our mission too.  We are really hoping to have a lot of people go to feel of the Spirit from her testimony and see how it can change their own lives.  From what we've heard it does amazing things in other missions and areas with phenomenal amounts of referrals and even baptisms that come from it.  Good thing Minnesota has 10,000+ lakes so we can keep up with it all after she leaves ;) haha. 

     Speaking of baptisms this past Saturday was the baptism of Brother and Sister M.  Tr and Al are so awesome!  I love them so much and was very fortunate to be able to go and witness their baptism because I came to Bloomington last Tuesday, to answer your question of when I'd get back here in the office Mom.  It was one of the best baptismal services that I have witnessed.  We sang a few hymns while they changed and heard a message on the Restoration from Elder Neeley and the other three Elders in the Lake Nokomis Ward.  Once that was all over the Ms asked if they could share their testimonies and gave some powerful witnesses of the blessings that they have now seen come into their lives.  Brother M basically gave a sermon up their for 10 minutes on the goodness of God and all that he has seen in his life.  It was awesome!  Brother L, one of the members of the Elder's Quorum Presidency, baptized them both and like I said the Spirit their was just so strong!  It's so amazing to see the changes and witness that people can have while doing such simple things like reading scriptures and prayer.  Even for people like the Ms who have grown up Christian and very religious their entire lives the Spirit can work and increase within them so much and so rapidly.  I love being a missionary!

     It is weird to be back in the area I just left from but a lot of fun.  It's cool to see all the members again and to see the same people I was teaching before.  People like Brother A who we are still working towards baptism for.  It is a lot of fun to visit some of the same people and work right from where I left off almost.  In a sense it's almost like I never left haha.  A lot of the members and people were surprised to see me back.  I told them I just spent summer vacation in Lake Nokomis Ward but it was fun while it lasted haha.  I really do miss that ward and the area with all the people there, but now I'm hoping to see things progress even more here and fix what I must have done wrong the first time haha.

     I love you all and love to hear about all the great things going on back at home!  You guys are the greatest and I look forward to talking to you soon! 

Love, Elder Alex Craft

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