Sixth Area - Lake Nokomis (South Minneapolis) Pictures


I have some pictures that I thought you might like.  The first ones are of the "Juicy Lucy" at Matt's Bar here in South Minneapolis.  They compete with the 5-8 Club as to who created it first so the food network has featured them on there.  It was pretty good.  The next ones of the baptism have just Brother Pierce with Sister Kristin Vrchota and his 5 year old son Austyn. Then the next one with the other guy in a jumpsuit and glasses next to me is with Brother Parsons,  the member that text you Mom, because he's the one who baptized Scott.  Lastly I think I've mentioned before that this is a little Hood over here so I figured I'd give you a little taste of how sweet it is:)


Sorry I can't really compete with castle pictures haha.  The first one is a little wild but is a sign we found on a guys door when we were tracting.  It's the first one I've ever seen like it so I took a picture and you better believe we did knock on it. . .twice haha.  No exciting stories though because no one was home.  The next is the other Romney sign and the last ones are of Satan reincarnated into the cat known as Salem that lives in the upstairs part of the Barrett's townhouse where we live.  Luckily he doesn't come down to the basement too often but those are some action shots I got of him while Elder Holmes was trying to pet him before he left haha.  Enjoy!


The pictures are of our district lake around Lake Cornelius by the Johnsons on the 4th of July.  The next one is me on a bridge at Minnehaha Creek right next to where we were tracting the other day.  That's what I love about Minnesota.  It's so green and they have all that beauty and nature even in downtown and South Minneapolis. The Stop sign was one we pulled up to in our area.  Somebody must be making a political statement that the very liberal city of Minneapolis doesn't like haha.  And the last one is of me and Elder Neeley that someone took at church yesterday.   Hope you enjoy!


The first one is evidence about how cold it gets in Minnesota even in June haha.  I don't know what was up with that sign.  The next 2 are of the Minnehaha Falls over by the Mississippi river.  Those are pretty cool to go and look at.  The last one is of our district here from left to right it's me, Elder Holmes, Elder Parkinson, Elder Neeley (my new companion), Sister Yazzie, and Sister Briggs.


Here's some of the pictures from the Twins game last week for you.  They have a really cool stadium right next to the Target Center where the T-Wolvz play downtown.  The one of me is the little bit of sun my super white arms got that day, and the last one is off a bridge we were walking on the other night looking at downtown.  Enjoy! :)

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