Fifth Area - Bloomington/Mission Office


Here's some pictures of a turtle that we found in the mission office parking lot and and then the pancake that Elder Dalrymple made me for my 18 month mark last week.  The last one is of the Bloomington Ice Garden here in our area.  That's where they filmed part of the movie Miracle so that's pretty cool.


Here are some pictures from our exchange, sorry it was so dark, and the game for you.


The first pictures are a couple from a few weeks ago when we had to drive over to St. Paul of downtown which doesn't look as cool as the Minneapolis skyline haha.  The capital building's pretty cool though with their golden idol on it.  The last one is of a bald eagle we saw over in Eden Prairie flying around Saturday with those 3 crows attacking it.  It was pretty crazy haha.  It's not the best picture but we thought it was pretty cool.


The first picture is all of us after the Zone Leader and District Leader Training with the missionary department.  It's (from left to right) Elder Dalrymple, Pres. and Sister Clements, Elder Woodruff, Bro. Lusvardi, and me.  The next one's just kind of a random one of Elder Dalrymple with his helmet that he has to wear around do he doesn't hurt himself haha JK.  But it is him running around with some things for missionaries.  The next ones are of the sweet spaghetti dinner/ auction fundraiser for the youth that they had in the ward on Saturday night.  Enjoy! :)


Here's some pictures from the week.  The first one is of the snow and ice that we got Wednesday morning.  Then there's one of Elder Crepeau, Elder Lo, Elder Dalrymple, and Me at the transfers.  I took a picture of the metro dome and downtown as we drove back Thursday from taking Elder Crepeau to his new area in South Minneapolis.  The next ones are of me cooking lunch Saturday for us using the skills Elder Lo taught me haha.  The next one's of the masterpiece stir fry that I made, and the last one is of some snow men outside of the church building in Lakeville.  It's hard to see the missionary tags that were on them, but there 6-7 of them with it.  It was pretty cool looking as we drove by.


The first picture is us with the Clements in the mission home last Monday after we had our egg roll making dinner and the next one is of the 3 of us with Sister Larson the mission office secretary and Elder and Sister Randall who are in the office serving a mission from Portland, Oregon.  Elder Crepeau and Elder Lo wanted to take pictures with them since they'll be leaving.


Here are some of the pictures from Duluth so that you can see the city and beauty as well as the cold haha.  I tried to do a kind of panoramic view from the tower so you can see all the city and a great view of the Lake.  Because of the sun it made the picture of me kind of dark but hopefully you can see it a little bit.  Thanks again for everything!

Love,  Elder Craft


That's a picture of my new friend named Missy that I got to meet at one of the lessons last night haha


Here's some pictures just of the past couple weeks.  The first one is of the K. family from the Eden Prairie Ward.  They came to Bloomington for church so I got a picture with them.  M. their son is the one that fellowshipped and is good friends with J. and almost all of J.'s lessons were at their house.  President K. is the First Counselor in the Mission Presidency too.  They're a great family.  The next ones are of where we ate lunch at today over near Richfield in South Minneapolis at the 5-8 Club as you can see  and the Juicy Lucy is the cheeseburger that I had with the grilled onions and melted cheese on the inside of the patty.  That's where it gets the name Juicy Lucy from.  And the one of the turkey is just what it looks like a random turkey walking around the streets of South Minneapolis across from the 5-8 club haha.