Third Area - Brooklyn Center/Shingle Creek


Here's some pictures for you so you can see the crowds and some of the amenities that i was talking about at the fair.  The one of me and Elder Haupt is with our deep fried twinkies and then the others Elders are Elder Bennett and Elder Turner on the bus ride back to Brooklyn Center.  Tell Kat that if she hasn't sent anything to me yet just wait until next week so I can get the exact address or just go through the mission home.


the picture looks a little funny and random but that's the chalkboard P. used. haha His handwriting was pretty bad because he was just flying through writing, starring, underling, and crossing stuff out the whole time.  That's why the lower right hand corner where he was sitting closest to looks the way it does.  I just thought it was funny and that my picture might help you see even better than my description haha.


There's the pictures of the water we woke up to in the basement.  It's no the best and doesn't look too bad but the ones of the laundry room you can see the water underneath the jugs of water and the drain the filled up that one of them is kinda up sitting in.  We're just lucky it was down the hall in the laundry room and not over a couple rooms and on our floor.  Our suitcases and some boxes and stuff would have been soaked.  So like I said we were very fortunate and the Paynters feel so too.


The pictures I attached are of first this sign to show you I was lying about the temperature on Friday, and the other 3 are of what I found out is called a wall cloud because that's exactly what it looked like and was when it hit us.  It's pretty intense and the pictures don't really do it justice.


Here's some random pictures for you.  The first 2 just go to show what happens when you have to bike 6 miles in a Minnesota rainstorm and you didn't pack a jacket because it was sunny when you left haha.  You can't really see how soaked I was but I literally did not have one dry spot on me.  I had to dump the water out of my shoes.  It was an experience for sure.  The next one's of our district at the temple.  From left to right it's Elder Kingston, me, Elder Hatch, and Elder Bennett.  It's not really a good picture of any of us haha.  The last one's just of the temple itself.

06/13/20011 - Baptism

The first one is of President Howell Sister Howell and me.  The next picture is of Elder Hatch and I with Bro. D., T., and his mom on the end.  She was a lot happier in person than she looks in there I promise haha.  The 3rd one's Elder Hatch and I with T. after the baptism.  The last one is of Y., the girl in our ward that originally invited T. to church with her. I'll probably print a couple of these to send home too.


Sorry this picture isn't that great.  I don't know why we moved outside to take it, but regardless that's Elder Pilcher from The Hooper Ward.


The pictures aren't anything to exciting this week haha.  The first 2 are just of the raccon late night visitor we had in the backyard as we were finishing up planning for the night.  Sorry it's not the best.  You can only really see it's eyes.  The last one's pretty obvious what that is, but there are so many geese everywhere!  Whole "flocks of geesen"!  haha it was pretty funny as we rode by some the other day I had them hiss at me and everything.  It probably won't be the last encounter either. haha Like I said kind of boring pictures but I thought you'd like them.


1- our bathroom. Nothing too exciting. 2- our room and my bed's on the left. 3- our closet and dresser. 4 and 5 you get to see what I'm talking about with the ceiling in comparision to me now haha. 6 is the map of our area and 7 our little supply counter. haha I hope that you guys liek the pictures and they helped to explain some things I was talking about.  I hope I can send more soon.  Maybe at a baptism too!

Here's some more pictures for you of my past few days laboring in the Shingle Creek part of the vineyard.  The first one is the 1st morning of the rain after we biked to our appointment and came back. I should have taken a picture of the back of my slacks that were still light brown and dry so you could see the difference. 2- is one I thought you'd like to see of J., one of the LIberian's kids J. (?) and the younger one's named M., but they call him "B.".  He was so funny.  He loved my bike helmet and just ran up and down the hall with it, so his older brother went and got his helmet too. The next picture is pretty obvious of him trying to put my helmet on and ride his trike.  I'm going to try and fit as many of the pictures of our apartment on here as I can and send the rest in another email.
  The first of the apartment is the hallway down to is from the back door.  2- is looking left towards our study/dining area.  The family room you can see to the left is off limits for us haha.  3- that's our "desk".  My stuff's at the end on the left.  4- our kitchen area and looking down the hall to our room and bathroom.  You can see the low ceiling I was talking about that I cracked my head on.


The first picture is of me forging through that intersection I told you about, and the 2nd one's just the cars going through it.  The last one's a nice picture of later on Sunday before that crazy lightening storm rolled in of me standing next to the Eastern edge of our area. . .The Mississippi River.