First Area - Menomonie, WI

President and Sister Howell meet Elder Craft

Big District of New Missionaries arrive in Minnesota

Merry Christmas - we tried to get the wise, grandfatherly look with our sweaters.  Like the part in my hair?

Here's the G.'s house where we live in the basement on good old XX Street in Menomonie, Wisconsin.  We had 1-2 inches of snow before this last storm.  The whole right side of the driveway was cleared of snow bu then their daughter, M., and two of her friends in the Ward decided to go sledding so that's what we found once we got home from shovelling snow all day.  Even though it's sunny out, don't let that fool you, that's when it's the coldest.  Tonight's lows are going to be around -25 degrees below zero.  I guess all the stories I heard were true.  It makes Utah winters seem like nothing!

This is looking South down the street so that you can see those snow banks on the side I was talking about.

This is looking North and those snow banks are that high or more throughout the whole city.  It's pretty crazy!

This is looking into our nice little basement apartment.  With the nice electric fireplace that doesn't really have any fire at all.  Don't worry Mom I sleep on the bottom bunk and yes my bed's made everyday.  We were just doing laundry and washing my sheets when I took this.

This is my desk over next to the beds and yes I just took the picture with it that way.  I like to keep what I can organized, but we're both organized and keep the place clean so that's good, we're both the same way or we'd go insane.

This is just facing where I took the previous picture from, and that door over there is the way into the bathroom and kitchen.  There's a door next to that a little further down the hall to go outside to the garage and our "front door", I guess.

You can see what I was talking about with Elder Blume's desk too.  Also, our nice couch with a bed that no one uses.  It's nice to sit on for planning or comp study though.

This toilet and sink were actually already in the former carpentry shop of this house, but this is where Elder Blume said he likes to go to get the best "personal revelation".  I have yet to see the magic of the "throne".

This bathroom and the kitchen you'll see were both added on and built in what use to be the previous owner's carpentry shop about 2 1/2 months ago.  The MTC is still the only place I've found with a shower I fit in.  That curtain rod there is about chin high on me.

There is our table and that cabinet to the right is my closet and our pantry, so that's annoying when I have to change because of "sight and sound".

Our kitchen's pretty sweet though.  You can't see most of the sink but it's down in the corner.  That map was one of the things I did when we were inside during Saturday's snow storm.  I made the whole bulletin board so we can see where we've been and plan using the calendar and all.  I was pretty proud of myself.  I hope all these picture give you a virutal tour of where I'm at.  I love you all and miss you!!

December 20, 2010 --- Some More Pictures!

Hey Crafts,
     These are from the Christmas Conference we had last Wednesday in North Minneapolis.  The Elder I took the picture with is Elder Tate Baxter from Layton.  I played against him in High School soccer and that played last year in Vegas on La Roca with my team.  President Christensen knows him and is the one whose dad he works with.  Santa is actually President Howell.  He dressed up and had us all come sit on his lap and tell him what he wanted for Christmas.  He gave us all a cook piano soloist CD, so it was pretty cool.  The last one is of Santa and Mrs. Claus (Sister Howell).  Those two are the greatest!  I love President and Sister Howell!  They do so much for us.  It was a way good Conference!  I hope you all like these couple pictures too.
Elder Craft






     Here's a couple more pictures.  The one is just of the lake again zoomed out to where we were standing.  You can see downtown Menomonie on the other side, and that's where the picture of me was taken.  Right off Main Street and the campus where we had just finished contacting.  It's just to show Mom how great that scarf is and how much I use it.  Plus, it's kinda funny in that picture that you can see what looks like a big thought bubble next to my head, and the fact that I couldn't smile because my face was too cold and numb. haha  So as funny as it looks with me like that it would have been even better if I tried to force a smile.

Love, Alex


The first picture is a member, Brother K. H. that we taught and helped to clean the church building.  2) is of M. and A. and their kids J. and S. 3)  is with the Stout Family.  He was our Branch Mission Leader until a couple weeks ago.  The oldest son on my left is going to play football for the Army academy at West Point this fall. 4) and 5) are of our little "Mini Church".  At least that's what I called it. haha

1) those are the cookies that survived the mail that I frosted and Elder Katoa and I ate.  They were really good!  Thanks Mom! :) 2) is just me holding the plates. 3) is Brother T. S., a Member we taught and were always trying to help.  He's a very interesting character as you can tell. haha  4) is Elder Katoa and I with our new Branch Mission Leader, Brother L. F.d, that just moved to Menomonie a couple months ago with his wife from BYU.  5) is of Brother and Sister G. that I lived with for 3 months.  They're awesome!