Fourth Area - Eden Prairie


The picture is first of me washing that car in 55 degree weather haha crazy!   Then the next one is of Elder Pope and I and then one with Elder Pope, Elder Bennett, Elder Erickson, and me before Elder Pope had to go with them to Waconia when I came here to Bloomington on Saturday night.  Enjoy!


me in the Waconia Elders' shower when I went on an exchange there.  And I thought Mom and Dad's shower head was low.  I almost hit my head on the roof of the inside of the shower and that water hit me right in the should blades haha.


The first picture's of President sitting on one of the Assistants lap (aka Santa) haha to get the blanket the missionaries gave the Clements for Christmas at our Christmas Conference last week where I saw and talked to Elder Mead again.  The next one is of the Clements with Rudolph and Santa.  The last one is of the box/ ghetto-rigged heater Elder Pope tried to make with tin foil and the hand warmers you can see on the side there to keep our cookies warm as we drove around to deliver them.


The first one is me and Elder Parry in the mission office just after his departing interview before he left for the airport.  The next ones are of the stuff that the ward gave us for Christmas.  All sorts of food and supplies for the apartment.  We are set for at least this transfer if not the next one too.  This ward is so amazing!  It probably looked bad with us loading all that stuff into the shopping carts to bring up the elevator to our room like we just got done with some serious shopping on the Sabbath.  That's why it's good that we and the Lord know the truth. haha


here are the pictures that I took from the temple.  The missionaries in the picture are left to right Elder Bennett, Elder Parry, Elder Caldwell, Elder Dobbins, me, Elder Montgomery, Sister Madsen, and Sister Daniel


Temple Trip


Here's the picture from Mission Tour that I thought you all would like.  I'm also  attaching the picture from our first winter snow storm we had earlier this week that has long since melted haha.  I just figured it'd be another fun one to throw on there.


So here are the pictures I promised you.  Sorry that I'm not really in any of them but that's kind of how it goes when these are just kind of to show what it looks like.
I tried to just start at the front door and give you a nice visual tour haha.  I hope you like the bathroom picture with me and Elder Parry trying to hide his face behind his planner in there too.  I'll attach some of the other ones to another email.

Here's the rest of the apartment and miscellaneous pictures.  The 2 looking outside are off our mini deck we have and the one right after those is of my dresser in my room.  I think it got a little out of order and that one should have been with the ones of my room sorry.  There's only a couple more to attach for you.  Sorry about all the emails haha. 


The pictures are as follows:  A garage Elder Haupt wanted me to take a picture by because I couldn't fit in it;  district that we had with Elder Haupt, Elder Turner, Elder Bennett, Sister Daniel, Sister Elsholz, and me; M. in a very somber picture (he's defitnitely changed since he stopped coming to church and I'm sad that's the picture you have  to see of him); J.V. the deaf investigator we taught; J. N.; The P.s; The Temple of Ek; and my wicked watch tanline from a summer of biking.  I have one from my ring you can't see as well.  I just don't think the back of my hands will get that tan again.  Unless I'm biking next summer again.  I hope you enjoy these haha :)!


Here are some more pictures for you. 1- This snapping turtle we saw crossing the road where we were tracting.  With 10,000+ lakes these things are everywhere and always getting run over.  It looked like some sort of dinosaur!  I was going to take a picture down next to it, but it was headed for those weeds before I could. 2-6 are of downtown Chaska the city we live in.  These are all of the Main Street and one of the park that we live close.  We live just up off the main street maybe 3/4 of a mile from where I was taking the pictures.  (I'll attach the others that made it too big on the next email)