Seventh Area - Bloomington/Mission Office


the picture is from our exchange on Friday with the Princeton Elders (me, Elder Lawton- Heber City, UT; Elder Saunders- Willard, UT, and Elder Clancy)


Pine City exchange at the huge Indian Man. (Me, Elder Clancy, Elder Van Orden-Blackfoot, ID; Elder Currie- Southern California). Next Grand Rapids (Elder Bolinger- Hillsborough, OR; Elder Clancy, me, and Elder Last-Hurricane, UT).  Thunder Bay (Elder Grodkowski- Logan, UT; me, Elder Bennett-Alberta, Canada; and Elder Clancy).  The other picture is of the other Elders in the Thunder Bay house (Elder Krutsch- Provo, UT; me; and Elder Ward- Shelly or Rigby, ID I can't remember).  Sorry the border sign is so dark but that's what happens with how dark it gets so early around here.


These are the pictures after our day at the temple and dinner at the mission home.
 Back row: left to right- Elder Foster- Spanish, Elder Eggertsen, Elder Anderson, me, Elder Holmes (all from Utah), Elder Horgmo (Norway), Elder Lewis (Malta, Idaho), and Elder Wixom (Idaho Falls, Idaho).
Front row: Elder Edwards (Cleveland, Ohio), President and Sister Clements, and Elder Veni (Tonga).


Here are our exchange pictures from last week. We were with the Maple Grove Elders in the first one (Elder Gum-- Utah, Elder Sharp-- Arizona, Elder Clancy and me), then the Elders from Shingle Creek (Elder Clancy, Elder Barton--Utah, Elder Afatchao-- Togo originally but Utah as of the last few years, and me), and the last one was with the North St. Paul Elders (Elder Clancy, Elder Shrestha-- Nepal and the first missionary from Nepal to ever serve outside of India or Nepal, Elder Ruesch-- Utah, and me).  Those were the exchanges this week.

Here are a couple more from this week of a little girl in this part member family I was teaching here my first time, the Ms, that we went to do some service for and she loved having us rake the leaves into a big pile for her.  Her names M, but I'm not sure if that's the right spelling, it's from El Salvador because her dad is from there.  She's pretty adorable though and just calls me "missionary" every time I see her at church or at their house.  it's just funny because of the way she says, "Hey Missionary.  Mom look!  It's missionary." and things like that haha


Here a picture from the Ms baptism with Elder Neeley, me, and Brother L.  The other one is of me, Elder Dalrymple, and Elder Tuimauga before we took them to the airport.


Here are some of the pictures from this past week.  These ones in this email are from my birthday.  The first one was that night at dinner with the Bishop, Bishop Adams, and his family.  Then the cake from DQ that you sent to me that was so nice!  We still have some of it in the freezer and we've already shared some on a couple exchanges last week.  There was a lot of cake there!  Then the other ones are of me with the gifts that the office staff got and gave to me last Thursday, the day after the Gladys Knight presentation.  That's why I look so tired haha.  They got me some candy and food along with some authentic Minnesota stuff (the slippers and t-shirt).  In the picture with all of us Elder and Sister Braun on ht left are from the Waconia Ward here in the Stake, then Sister Larson is from the Eden Prairie Ward next to me on the left with Elder and Sister Randall from Portland, Oregon on the right.  Elder Braun does all the car and bike stuff, Sister Braun the baptisms and records for that, Sister Larson was the head secretary to keep things running but now comes in to just help with some reports and things on occasion   Sister Randall does a lot of what Sister Larson did and she does the mail too. We refer to her as the Office Zone Leader haha.  Elder Randall does all the finance and housing stuff for the mission.  It's an office full of fun and it was very nice of them to get me those things and throw the little party for me.  The last 3 are of the exchanges I talked about from this week.  Elder Sande and Elder Meguro, from Fairmont, are in the middle on the first one; then it's me, Elder Clancy, Elder Waite, and Elder Hall from Mankato; and Elder Clancy, Elder Allen, me, and Elder Worwood from Chippewa Falls.  Now you can put some faces to the names.


The picture is of our exchange with the Blaine Elders last week to finish up the four that we did.  That's me, Elder Manoa from Hayward, CA, Elder Sargeant his trainer from Springville, UT, and Elder Clancy from the good old East Coast haha.  If you're wondering why it's the same back round for all the pictures that's the only bookshelf that we can set the camera on in our apartment to use the timer haha.


That's really exciting to hear about Sara's new little baby!  Thanks for the update Kat and tell her I said congratulations!  The pictures are of two of the exchanges first (Eden Prairie- Elder Chappell next to me and Elder Lor next to him, the Cedar Lake- Elder Olaveson next to me and Elder Pinsent by him) I didn't get one of Apple Valley but I will soon hopefully.  The picture in the gym has Brother R who's been over to the N's with us before, Elder Clancy, Brother S, me, and Sister N.  The last one is Elder Dillard and Elder Checketts, the St. Paul Zone Leaders after their zone training that they had to do on asking inspirede questions, so they told everyone to always think "I 'mustache' you a question".  It was awesome!

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