Monday, May 21, 2012

Back on the Road

Hey Crafts,

     So with transfer calls today it's been a little bit hectic and crazy but nothing too bad since there are 3 of us here doing it.  That's right I found out I'm being transferred.  President talked to me Thursday when we had our transfer meeting with him.  He kind of took me by surprise when he mentioned it, but it's something I knew as going to come.  As much as I would have enjoyed it staying here for 10 1/2 months would have been a long time.  Not as long as Nick's last area in Korea but a good amount considering I've only been in an area for 4 1/2 months max.  President was very encouraging about my new assignment and appreciative for what I've been able to do here.  I have truly enjoyed all the experiences that I've been able to have!  This area is one that I have grown to love.  Especially the people we've been teaching and working with and the members that are here.  Time has flown by!  I can't believe that it has been a little over 3 transfers already.  My new area and assignment is over in the Lake Nokomis Ward as a Zone Leader for the Minneapolis Zone.  I'm going to the northern bordering area to here so not too far out there.  I'm the Zone Leader over the Bloomington and Eden Prairie areas actually so that will be a lot of fun.  This area (Lake Nokomis) is a pretty sweet one that will be similar to my Shingle Creek experience.  The Lake Nokomis ward covers half of downtown Minneapolis and the Southern part of it too.  So after my time on the North side last summer I get to go to the South side for this summer.  I'm pretty excited!  My new companion is Elder Holmes from Wellsburg, Utah.  He came out with me from the MTC just in the other district, so this should be a lot of fun for us.  The funny thing is that because I've been here in the Minneapolis zone for awhile I've been on exchanges to that area about 4-5 times and had people say, "maybe you'll serve here one day" and now that's happening. haha  It's going to be a little change of pace from what I've been used to here but it will be good.  Elder Wright is Elder Dalrymple's new companion from San Diego.  He's a great missionary and these 2 are going to do a lot of great things here and for the mission.

     In other exciting news things here have been fantastic this week!  We had some really great lessons and 3 of our investigators came to church yesterday.  Things here are really starting to pick up and I'm excited to see what happens over the next few weeks and months.  It's going to be hard to leave these people but I won't be too far away at all to come to their baptisms so it's not too bad.  Originally President told me I'd be serving as a Zone Leader down in Rochester so that would have been a little further away.

     I'm glad to hear that you all enjoyed the story about Elder Dalrymple! haha It made us laugh pretty hard too.  There are so many hilarious stories that I wish I could tell you over the email but that just won't do it justice.  Good thing I like to tell stories and I'll have hours to spend letting you all listen to them haha ;) jk.  It sounds like a good week for all the rest of you.  The last week of Jr. High for Natalie!  That's crazy to think about!  It's exciting that you'll be getting ready for high school.  That means you must have passed math so they won't keep you in 9th grade an extra year which is good haha.

     I'm glad that you got to talk to the Smith's.  Those guys are so awesome!  I've told that investigator a couple stories about Colton.  Like yesterday at church maneuvering his wheel chair around he told me, "man you're pretty good with this thing" and I told him i had a few years of "driving wheel chair in a church" experience under my belt to help with that. haha  I assume that you got that gift package Mom because I heard from Dad about his Gopher shirt.  I hope it made it all in one piece.  I sent it for Mother's Day but it's kind of like a Father's Day gift too.  You guys are just so great and do so much to support me! 

  Well sorry I don't have much more time to write today.  I'm glad to hear all the great news from you guys.  I love you and look forward to talking to you again.

Love, Elder Craft

Monday, May 14, 2012

Quick Follow Up

Hey Crafts,

     Sorry there won't be much to say today.  It was fun to get to hear from all of you yesterday and see that things are still going great with all of you.  Everyone still has the same sense of humor which is good to know haha.  I hope I got to answer everyone's questions.  I'll try to write that story down for you Mom so you can tell Mary Smith.  Were there any others that you wanted written down?  I don't remember all the ones I shared.  Just let me know.

     Like I said yesterday things are going great here!  We are loving it and working really hard.  We have some appointments tonight with a couple people we tracted into last week, so we're hoping that all goes well.  The one funny story I have to share today comes from last night.  Elder Dalrymple talks in his sleep even more than I do and he wakes me up sometimes because his phrases are so clear.  They're all really random but really clear.  Last night I had a dream that he was asking me about something really random.  Like where it was or if we had any.  I couldn't remember exactly what it was when I woke up.  Then as we're eating this morning he asks me, "do you remember me waking you up last night?"  That's when we figured out I wasn't dreaming it he was sleep walking and talking.  He woke me up at 3 a.m. because he had a dream there were 2 women asking him where the paper towels and hair spray were, so he got up out of bed and turned on his bathroom light to look around for them.  When he couldn't find it he came over and woke me up and that's what he asked me.  He said, "Elder Craft, where are the paper towels and hair spray?"  I just rolled over and said, "why?".  hahah That's when he woke up because I responded.  It was so funny because he remembers talking to me but he was still asleep for it.  So in the little time it's been since I talked to you that's our most recent adventure in Bloomington haha.

     Well sorry there isn't too much more to mention.  It was so good to talk to all of you and hear that everyone's doing well.  I love you and appreciate all you do and all your prayers for me.  It means alot.  I look forward to hearing from you again.

Love, Elder Alex Craft

Monday, May 7, 2012

See You Sunday!

Dear Family,

     It's great to hear from all of you and to see that everyone, especially Brady, is surviving.  I'm so glad each week when I get to hear about all the great things going on.  That's so crazy about Alec Stimpson and his mission call!  Three FHS guys all from the soccer team out half a world away from home staying together.  I think that that's so cool.  September is going to come up quick on him.  He's probably going to get there the same transfer that Scott goes home. Depending on when he goes in the MTC it would be pretty crazy to have them pass each other like that. 

     This week has been a really great week for us here.  It was pretty wet but good.  We have had it rain with some pretty heavy storms just about everyday this past week.  The moisture is definitely a good thing for the state after such a mild winter.  We've been meeting with some of those same investigators that I mentioned before and are starting to see good progress in some and continuing progress in others.  We are excited for the things that are going to happen here.  There are a couple new investigators that we have found and are trying to work closely with the ward in getting them to come to church.  Our Ward Mission Leader is trying to plan a BBQ this weekend with some other young couples and families in their part of the ward to invite some of these investigators to, so they get more of an association with the church outside of us coming over to teach them.  So things here are looking great as always!  Is Brady's p-day on Tuesday in the MTC? I think that's when he wrote home last right?

     Stake Conference for us was yesterday and it was a very good meeting.  I got to see a bunch of the members from the Eden Prairie Ward and talk to them again about why I was all the sudden gone from the ward without a phone call or anything.  It was really great to see and talk to them.  It made me realize how amazing it is that you can grow so close to people in such a short amount of time.  It was nice to have them wave and come over to talk to me.  It always feels good when you can leave an impression on people to where you're not just another missionary from Utah haha. 

    I can not believe that this week is Mother's Day!  That is so crazy!  I'll try to call about 3 pm Minnesota time to hopefully catch all you in Utah at home and be able to get Nick and Tati.   If that time doesn't work for you guys just email me what time will be best before Sunday and I'll check my email later this week and adjust the time to what works for you.  Our day is looking pretty open and flexible for that day, so just let me know.  I am excited to talk to you and President said that we can use they mission office to Skype from so we'll hook up our web cam and computer in here to the TV we have like we do for our meetings.  So this should be the best set up I've had for a call yet. haha  You'll get to see Elder Dalrymple too because his family has church until 4 and with only one camera we'll just have to wait and talk to his until after our dinner appointment at 5 that day.  The mission Skype account username is ------------- that I'll be using, but if that name doesn't work it could be --------------- as the screen name.  I think your is --------- if I remember correctly.  Let me know if it's any different but I figure if all else fails I'll just call to confirm the name before we Skype that day.  I'm excited to talk to you guys and hopefully it's a little less hectic and chaotic this time for you.  It's too bad I won't get to talk to all of you, but just know I appreciate all the love and support that you guys give to me!  I look forward to talking to you and hope that all is well.

Love, Elder Alex Craft