Second Area - Kasson, MN


1) is of the building here in Kasson.  It's a little different than any I've ever attended.  It used to be an insurance building.  2) is of our beds.  Mine's the one next to the wall.  It's a little different than the G.'s. 3)  This is of our beds again but it's taken from the door to the kitchen.  The other was taken from the Family Room door.  4) that's the closet that we share.  5)  That's my desk in the corner that I was trying to get organized without much room.

These last 2 pictures are of our bathroom we also share with them.  It's next to the garage and down the hall from the washer and dryer. We have to go to the upstairs one to shower and shave, and we share the kitchen with them.  As you can kinda see there's not much room or privacy here.  We sleep right by the back door where they're constantly letting their 2 chocolate labs outside.  So like I said it's going to be an interesting next couple months.  I love you all!  Sorry about all the emails.  I thought you might like some pictures though.

Love, Alex


The first 2 pictures are of me with the tie I burned last week and yes it is a clip on, but like I said it's one Elder Russell left so beggers can't be choosers haha.  The third picture is of our district after that District meeting I burned my tie at on the dock at the lake down the street from the Austin Elders apartment.  Elder Nelson and Elder Olsen are the ones in Austin and are not wearing suit coats in the picture.  Elder Olsen is the one next to me that is heading back home to Price, Utah on Wednesday.  The last one is one I took this morning right by our car of the train that was going by so you can see just how close we live to them.  You can probably see the rain we've been getting in there too haha.  I just thought you might enjoy these until I print and send some more.


The pictures are 1- E. with his son B., 2- A member, B. and her daughter H., that we ate with on Mother's Day, 3- Bro. T. from Kasson and I don't know why it's blurry, 4- Bro. and Sister J. and Pres. and Sister D., 5- the M. family that we tried to help get all active. There's a couple of their neighbors that wanted to join in the picture like the little girl and lady with glasses in the back, and 6- Sister P. the Relief Society Pres. and her son T..  Brother P.'s in the Branch Presidency but he was at the gym when we went over.  I think that's all I can fit on this email.