Monday, October 22, 2012

I Love the MMM!

Craft family,
                Thanks so much for the updates and all the support that you give to me.  It really is such a blessing to be serving a mission and to have the support of a loving family behind me.  I have learned throughout my mission more and more the blessings of the Gospel and the amazing opportunity that I have had to grow up with that as a normal part of my life.  So many of the people that we teach have their trials and challenges that they have to face each day that can so easily be overcome through the strengths of Gospel Principles and truths.  At times I wonder why I was so fortunate to have been in the family situation that I have been and be surrounded by all you loving and caring people that have helped to strengthen me and my testimony through your wonderful examples and experiences.  It is still a mystery to me as to why but I do know that I am very thankful each and every day and know that there is no other family that I would rather be a part of.  It’s because of that love and feeling that I have that I know that God is aware of all of our individual needs and places us in those circumstances.  These truths are a powerful part of what makes people want to have that change and feel that same belonging from being in the fold of the Good Shepherd.  In the world around us the family is so attacked and will be because of the strength that that ordained unit has.  We have several families that we are working with now that have so much going on within their families and have so many problems that they face.  I have come to see that no matter our personal needs and concerns, the challenges that we all face, the Savior’s teachings and Gospel can help throughout it all.  Even though not all people have the most ideal situations in life we have the greatest solution that can improve them and no government program can even come close to that.  Like I said it’s a great blessing to be preaching and serving the people here in the MMM!
                This week I’m going to steal a miracle that Elder Clancy experienced while we were on our last exchange of the week last Friday with Elder Sargeant.  They went to see the N family, the ones that I may have told you about from Liberia, and in going there were planning on teaching them the plan of salvation.  When they got to the house they met a friend of theirs, Brother S, who just moved to Minnesota from Liberia three weeks earlier.  They started to teach and he joined right in asking questions and participating because of the great spiritual nature of the Liberian people and their sincere desire to come to know God.  When they began to teach about Adam and Eve and the Fall they went through and used the scriptures to outline and explain it all to them, Brother S and Brother and Sister N.  At the end they asked what they now understood about Adam and Eve and Brother S responded something to the effect that he had wondered about that his whole life. He said that he knew God was perfect so that just couldn’t be a mistake that He didn’t know about  and that what the Elders had taught to him right there out of 2 Nephi 2 he knew was true and answered questions he had had his entire life.  It was then that he committed to come to church and wanted to join our church on that Sunday too.  They explained there was more to be learned before baptism but his excitement that came from hearing the truth then feeling it in his heart is a wonderful thing to be a part of and witness just like I had mentioned with the change that comes in the paragraph above.  Brother N then committed to fear God more than man and talk to his boss about getting Sundays off and making that a priority.  I’m sure the Brother S will now help to make sure that happens too.  It is so amazing like I said to see how God is so aware of our situations and all of the needs and desires of His children and is willing to grant whatever He can to us to bless our lives.  I know that Heavenly Father listens to and answers prayers and leads us by the hand when we follow His path.  I love helping others to find that path and help them see the guidance for themselves.
                This week is another full one of exchanges but not as varsity as last week.  We have the Eden Prairie Elders tonight with Cedar Lake coming Wednesday and Apple Valley Saturday.  It should be very fun and full of miracles.  We have the ward Fall Festival this week too and we were thinking of our sweet costumes.  I may just end up going as Elder Clancy and he will go as Elder Craft to throw everyone for a loop.  We’ll see what reactions we get haha.
                Well I love and appreciate once again all that you do for me!  You love and prayers on my behalf are felt and answered each and every day.  I hope that all continues to go well and that good things will come for you in the coming week.

Love,  Elder A. Craft

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