Monday, October 8, 2012

General Conference Shake-Up

Dear Family,

     Hey everyone!  Thank you so much for all the birthday wishes from all of you!  It feels weird that it's actually my birthday. haha With all the other things that we've been doing I haven't really payed too much attention and now that it's finally here it doesn't have the same excitement as usual I guess haha.  It's not a bad thing I just think with all the other things coming that I'm looking forward to the excitement must just be channeled there.  It's almost like how I explained my 19th birthday being like because I was so looking forward to leaving on my mission that all the feelings were saved for that day.

    Speaking of birthdays and missions that new announcement was so incredible!  People (mostly members I;m sure) will be talking about that for awhile now.  I thought about exactly what Nick said that now I can say, "you had to be at least 19 and 21 when I went on my mission", just like Nick, Brock, and Tom can say, "we had memorized discussions on our missions that we taught to everyone", and dad can say," we didn't have either of those or those MTCs everyone has now they just sent us off into territories to get on a soapbox anywhere we could to preach".  hahaha  jk Dad ;)  It really is a great announcement that really is not only going to change the mission field with a larger number of missionaries and especially Sisters, but it will really change the culture of BYU and BYU-I with who marries who and the Student enrollment.  There are several levels to the changes that this will bring!  We are very excited to see how this effects the MMM and mission field worldwide!

     This whole conference weekend was just fantastic!  I loved all the talks and the underlying themes that came of personal conversion and how to strengthen ours.  Out of all the talks of the five missions that I got to listen to and watch at the church I think I loved the talk by President Uchtdorf the most!  That really hit home about not looking too far ahead and making sure I'm allowing myself to enjoy the moments in life and be happy!  It's so great to see the inspiration that God's anointed servants receive and how it is so applicable to all of God's children!  I love this dispensation that we are so privileged to live in and agree with Dad's message that we were meant to be here as a family together.  You all set such a great example for me and I've always felt that there's no other family that I could have possibly been better matched up with!  I have such a testimony from Conference too that Our Father in Heaven is aware of all of us individually and what we need in our own lives. 

     Sorry that this is so short!  There's much to do before I officially become an adult! :)  I love you and appreciate all that you do for me!

Love, Elder Alex Craft

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