Monday, October 15, 2012

Political Indoctrination From Dad

Hey Mom,

     Sorry that I only have a few minutes to send you a quick note.  I loved the emails and look forward to telling you all about the Gladys Knight presentation and the new missionaries and all the other things that people asked about.  You can tell Dad that I registered for my absentee ballot already and that Elder Braun, the one who does all the cars and bikes stuff here in the office just started laughing when I read him Dad's line about what happens if either Obama or Romney wins the election.  He feels the same way as Dad. haha  I did get Grandma's card and the cake.  I'll respond more to that later in the week.  The reason this note is so short is because we don't get P-day today because of all the stuff we have to get done this week.  We have an exchange (or split is what some people call is) with the ELders from Fairmont, MN before we have our New Missionary Training Meeting tomorrow with 2.5 hours of training we're doing and an exchange with the Mankato, MN Elders after that, and an exchange Wednesday with the Chippewa Falls, WI Elders.  We will have one more exchange towards the end of the week with the Blaine, MN Elders on Friday, so looks like I won't get to really send everyone an email until Thursday   I just wanted to send this this morning so you weren't worried and wondering.  Give everyone my love and tell them sorry for making them wait.  I'm getting good at doing that to you all recently. :) haha

Love, Elder Craft

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