Monday, July 2, 2012

Why Does Everyone Leave Me?

Dear Family,

     Well today was transfer calls and I found out that I get to stay in the Hood a little while longer!  Woot Woot haha.  It's been a lot of fun being with Elder Holmes but sticking true to my tradition of one transfer companions that happened again.  He's headed down to Rochester and my new companion is Elder Neeley from Logan, Ut.  The same Elder Neeley that has been serving on the North side of the ward here so he's not coming very far at all haha.  They are moving him to be a Zone Leader now but keeping him here in the same ward.  I'm excited to continue to work with him and for the great things that are and will happen here.  With Elder Neeley that makes my 14th companion and my 9th from Utah.  I think I'm going for some sort of record here haha.  The other 6 had three that were from Idaho and one from both California and Oregon.  It's going to be a fun transfer this next 6 weeks that we are really looking forward to.

     As far as the 4th of July goes no we aren't expected to go out and knock on doors all night.  We actually just get to email today and then P-Day has been moved to Wednesday from 2-9 after transfers to do all the rest of the stuff that we need to.  It's kind of interesting, but it should be pretty fun.  There's a family in the ward, the Johnsons, who are going to have all of us missionaries over to eat and stuff that night.  There are fireworks that they shoot off right by the lake near their house but now it doesn't get dark until around 9:30, so we won't be outside to see them but will probably get to hear them all night long haha.

     The fun of missionary work still continues.  Unfortunately that couple I talked about getting baptized had some crazy stuff come up and won't be getting baptized in this ward at least.  Eventually they will because they love and have a testimony of this Gospel and the church, but some events made it so we aren't teaching them anymore.  I would love to fill you in and be a little less vague about it all but I don't have the time or typing ability to do that.haha That's just a story you'll have to remind me to tell you later haha.  Other than that things are going well.  We've started off the month with 1 baptism in the zone so far on our way to 10 for our goal in July.

     Thank you again for all your love and support! Your prayers are really helping us to see the many blessings and miracles that we are!  Thanks for all you do.  I look forward to hearing from you this next week.

Love, Elder Alex Craft 

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