Monday, June 25, 2012

Lake No'chaos

Dear Family,

     Sorry that this will be so short.  I love getting all your emails and hearing all the exciting news that is going on and this week seemed to have a lot of it haha.  That's so exciting/crazy about the big move from DC to AZ this next week.  That's a huge blessing that is great to hear about!  I'm not so sure about ASU though N. because I think those rumors you have heard are correct haha.  I still am not sure where I'm going to go.  I'm trying to not worry about it, but secretly know that I need to start figuring things out haha.

     This week has been crazy for us!  Crazy blessings and adversity in all ways missionaries, members, and investigators.  With the miracles we've seen also comes opposition.  I was talking about it this week and said I'd really like to be able to just punch Satan square in the mouth for some of the things that happen, but that's where the amazing converting power of the spirit can come right in and slap him and that idea right out of me as it changes the people's hearts that are struggling.  This past week I nicknamed the ward "Lake No'chaos'" because of all the craziest going on haha but luckily things are still going well with the people we're working with in our area, in the ward, and here in the zone.  The work of the Lord can't be stopped.  This was the last reporting week for our missionary month so we ended the month with 8 baptisms in the zone and met our goal that we had set for June.  It's been phenomenal to see the increase in faith and miracles to reach that.  In the first half of this year Minneapolis has only seen 11 baptisms total, so the Lord is definitely blessing us because of the great missionaries here and their hard work and faith.  I got to go out this last week and do an exchange out in Eden Prairie and teach and investigator couple I taught out there that are making steps and committed to come to church.  It was a lot of fun to get to travel back to an area and a little different to sleep at an apartment I used to live in, but the whole experience was a lot of fun haha.

     Sorry that I don't have any time or pictures.  I'll try to attach some next week and will try to send my flash drive home sometime soon as well full of all my pictures so far.  I've almost filled up my card.  I'm glad to hear about the many blessings you are all having and I hope that all the Crafts are safe whether is California, Utah, Idaho, Virginia, Arizona, or Germany! :) I love and appreciate you all!  Thanks for your continued support and that of the members of the good old Park Ward and my friends.  You guys are the greatest!

Love, Elder Alex Craft

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