Monday, June 11, 2012

Adjusting to the New Area

Dear Crafts,

     Man that is so cool to hear what has been happening the the Craft family all around the world this past week!  I can't believe that Brady is already in Germany and that he saw Scott too!!  It's good to know Scott's still alive and actually on a mission seeing as I never heard back from the letter I wrote him January 2011 haha.  That's crazy his trainer is from Roy.  What are the chances?  Looking at the pictures I think I know his trainer too.  Elder Hilton sounded familiar and If I remember right I want to say his name's N. Hilton.  I think he was a SBO or SR. Class officer at R. and I got to meet him at some of the assemblies that we went to of theirs.  He may have been in my group for Sadies my senior year too.  Either that or I'm just wanting to make connections haha.  If he was though that's kind of intense.  It looks and sounds like Brady is having the time of his life over there in the "ghetto".  When I read that I thought #1 that's not going to make mom happy and then #2 I'll have to take some pictures to show him of South Minne haha. jk  I can't wait to hear all about his fun contacting stories or what he accidentally says in German to someone haha.

     Sorry that I don't have too much time to be on today.  Tell Tyler Cole thanks for being so kind in trying to talk me up to the whole congregation I appreciate it haha.  That's so great that he is almost ready to leave.  I'm glad to hear that he did so well.  He's going to do great as a missionary.  Was Cayden there for it?  I got a letter from him around November time but haven't heard much since.  How's he doing?

     To answer you about the rain it hasn't been dumping as much recently but we did have some crazy storms last week for sure!  There was suppose to be one last night that turned out to be a pretty big lightening storm.  The Midwest storms don't mess around that's for sure.  We had a really cool experience in Sacrament meeting yesterday.  We, the missionaries of the Lake Nokomis ward, got to do a special musical number.  Luckily there are 7 of us in the ward (Elder Holmes and me, the North Elders: Elder Parkinson and Elder Neeley, and the Edina Sisters: Sister Harding, Briggs, and Yazzie) so it didn't have to be just me and my companion like my first musical number I did on my mission.  We sang the Armies of Helaman Song and it was a really powerful experience for us to all be up there singing and to look out and see members crying or singing along with us.  It's great being a missionary!!

     Unfortunately that's about it for today before the computer kicks me off.  I'll try to attach some pictures next week of all our adventures.  I love you all and look forward to hearing from you.  Thanks for the package I got  from you Brady and I'll talk about it more next week.

Love, Elder Craft MN

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