Monday, June 18, 2012

Happy Father's Day

Dear Family,

     I'm just glad to hear that you are getting my emails because those error messages got me worried last week.  I figured if you didn't hear from me all week though the mission office would hear about it and I in turn would know it wasn't working haha.

     Happy Father's day to all of you too!  Sorry that it's a day late.  We got a couple "Happy Future Father's day greetings from people yesterday haha.  Speaking of which that's exciting how close Tom is to being a new Dad!  And that Whitney and Anna are going to have another addition to their families.  I can't believe it's already been 9 months since I had heard about that basically.  Time really is flying by still! 

     This week has been really great for us.  We got a couple new investigators last week, Brother and Sister Coleman, that are doing amazing!  They have a baptismal date set for July 7th and should be preparing for that day.  The Bishop here is going to marry them before too so it will be a wedding baptism!  We're excited for it and are so blessed to have met them and get to teach them.  They came from Ohio and got all of their stuff stolen form their friends house they were staying at. So long story short amid the desperation they were in of having no money, no food, and no gas living out of their car and moving up here for work without finding any Brother Coleman remembered a Mormon he had talked to on the bus for a couple hours leaving Seattle years ago.  This member answered questions and talked to him for a few hours and introduced The Book of Mormon to him.  He proceeded to check out church in Ohio and decided if he and his girlfriend were to get married anywhere it's be in the Mormon church.  So he reached out to get a hold of Bishop Barden here in the ward who then gave us their number.  We met with them in the park that day about a week and a half ago and loved everything that we taught.  They accepted a baptismal and wedding invitation and have been excitedly looking forward to that ever since.  Since the first meeting we've met with them 3 other times teaching the law of chastity first then the word of wisdom.  Our last appointment was before the baptism in the ward we had Saturday for the North Elders and the Sisters which they attended as well.  They loved that baptism and Brother Coleman said that he's next haha.  The night before they had come to a Missionary Movie Night that we missionaries put together and set up.  We had some active and less-active members of the ward come with all our investigators to the church to watch "Joseph Smith: Prophet of the Restoration".  It was amazing and the spirit was so strong in there.  We had root beer floats after and everyone seemed to love it.  We answered question from the movie they had before the baptism and got to see Brother Coleman at church yesterday again (Sister Coleman was sick).  He's coming today to play basketball with a bunch of us missionaries and some other random black guys that we invited on the street when we contacted them this week.  It should be pretty fun!  I wish I had time to write down all the amazing experiences I have each week, but I guess that's what my journal's for haha.

     Things here not only in the ward I'm in but in the Minneapolis Zone are exploding!  We are being so blessed by the Lord and it's all your prayers and support that are making it possible for us to accomplish all the is in store for us.  I love you and look forward to hearing from you next week.

Love, Elder Craft

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