Monday, April 30, 2012


Hey Everyone,

     It's good to hear that you all made it through the challenges of the week.  I hope that Brady can get this email or if I could just get his email address from you I could just send it to him.  I'm guessing it's just  ------------------ so if you could confirm or deny that for me so I could write him that'd be great.  I don't think we're allowed to get on otherwise I would just write him that way.  I'll bet it is pretty quiet around the house now.  That's so exciting to think that Brady's out at the MTC now.  I'm excited to hear all about his experiences and the great things that the Lord has in store for him, for me, and for our family. 

     It sounds everything has been busy still back at home and it has been the same for us here.  We had a really busy week and a lot of great things that happened for us.  The Lord has blessed us here with a lot is great people and we found some more new investigators that we are really excited to start working with.  We got to do exchanges with the elders out in Eden Prairie and that helped contribute to some of the miracles that we've seen.  It was great because they are great Elders serving out there and what makes it unique to some of the other exchanges we've had is that Elder Looye is from the Netherlands and Elder Leppanen, who's only been here a couple of weeks, is from Finland.  It was really cool to talk to them about their experiences growing up and see the great excitement they have to be here serving in Minnesota.  That's been one of the most fun things for me recent.  Getting to go on exchanges at least every week with all these new missionaries and their trainers getting to see all the great, hard working Elders here.  I'm sure all the sisters are phenomenal too we just don't do the exchanges with them so I don't have any cool experiences to share with them like the Elders haha.

      So with Mother's Day in a couple weeks next week will be the last time we get to finalize times and stuff.  I can't believe it's come to that time again already!  The last 5 months went by quick!  We meet at 11 am here for sacrament meeting and  could try to call or Skype almost any time that day that works best for you.  Just let me know and if I could get your account name for Skype if you want to do that that's be great too. 

     Like I said before things here have been going really well.  It's exciting to hear that the family is all doing well and got to spend some time down here for Brady's farewell.  That's so cool to hear about Tyler Cole and his mission over to North Carolina.  I'll bet he's going to love it there!  He might have to hook me up with some sweet UNC stuff ;).  If you get a chance tell him I'm really excited and happy for him to go out and serve the people there.  He's going to love it!  It's cool to hear about all these guys going all over the world.  I got a letter from Alic Taylor telling me about his call to the Dominican Republic, and when I got to see Elder Mead at the interview training meeting that we had last week we talked about some of these guys and their calls.  It's cool to see the literal spreading of the gospel through all these guys around the globe. 

     We did get to go to the T-Wolves game like I had talked about last week and it was a lot of fun!  It was also kind of weird to go and be in our p-day clothes around all those people at the same time.  The game wasn't that great the wolves got destroyed by like 30 but it was great to see our investigator there and talk to him.  He's such a great man that wasn't able to make it to church yesterday unfortunately because his PCA that went with him last week was in California.  He's planning on coming next week and from our lesson we had with him this week things seemed to be going really well.  We are very blessed here and are looking forward to another great week that we have planned ahead.  It's going to be pretty busy with the 3 meetings we have scheduled this week but their shouldn't be too much for us as far as traveling goes.  We have a Zone Leader Council Meeting tomorrow, New Missionary Training Meeting Wednesday, and then we'll be going up to the Anoka Stake Center for their interviews and training Thursday.  It should be another great week and one that will most likely fly by as well.  It's crazy to me how often it seems like I get a chance to talk to you because the weeks just go so quick!

     I hope that everything goes great for all of you the rest of the week.  I look forward to hearing from you again.  Thanks for all the love and support!

Love, Elder Minnesota Craft

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