Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter Was Fantastic!

Dear Family,

     How's everything out in good old Utah?  Easter for us here in Bloomington was fantastic!  It sounds like you all had an amazingly beautifully Spring Day just like us.  We had an amazing Sacrament Meeting with a lot of musical numbers and great talks on the Atonement.  We have recently been studying over the last month with a bunch of different talks and scriptures about the Atonement as a mission like I said last week, and it is so amazing to me how infinite that is!  It is the greatest blessing I know in my life to have the Atonement and the hope that that brings to all our lives.  We had a chance to discuss this in our Gospel Principles class yesterday and when we all started to share our definition of the Atonement and what that means to us I talked about that same principle of hope that is universal to all because of the love of Christ.  In one of the talks I recently read by Elder Holland he talked about the hope that we all have because the tomb was empty for Christ that it will one day be empty for us as well.  That is a concept I had heard all growing up and believe in but one that I never really thought about in that context.  We have an investigator now working to get baptized who is disabled with a disease called LS or something like that. It's similar to Lou Gehrig's Disease and is a very frustrating thing for him to have to deal with on a day to day basis, but the love and hope that the doctrine of the Atonement and resurrection will bring into his life will literally change his whole outlook on his situation and essentially change his life.  It's so amazing to me hos central that doctrine is to all the other things we teach in the church and what we do as missionaries.  It's no wonder that that one event is the meridian of all time for all of human history.  I am so thankful for that hope that it brings into my life!

     This week has been so great for us by way of investigators too.  We have been in the building process combining our two areas still, but we have recently found a lot of great potential investigators and are working with some great people who we are excited to see progress.  We had a few of them show up to church yesterday and they really enjoyed the meetings.  It's crazy to think it's another transfer gone, but we are looking forward to what can happen here in the next few weeks and are also hoping that this transfer doesn't fly by like this last one.

     I'm glad that some of you got to meet the Youngs and that my package made it home.  Sorry it took so long to get to you, Brady and Camie, but when the chance to save some money by hand delivering it came up I waited a couple days to send it that way.  I'm glad that you liked it so much.  It was almost as great as what Nick sent to me.  Once I get a chance I'll have to take a picture to send so you can see it. haha

     Sorry there's not much else to write about, but it was so great to hear from all of you!  I love you and pray for you always.  Thanks for all your love and support!  I look forward to hearing from you again.

Love, Elder Craft

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