Tuesday, April 17, 2012

I'm So Popular!

Hello Crafts!

     Sorry that I wasn't able to write to you yesterday and that I don't have much time to respond today.  I appreciate so much all the emails, love, and support from all of you!  Yesterday was I think the first or second time of my whole mission that I got an email from every single one of you.  Seven emails makes it a pretty good day and one that's busy with responses. haha Hopefully I can answer all your questions too.

     This week was pretty crazy with the transfer and different training meetings all going on.  We unfortunately didn't have as much success in the proselyting effort but the meetings all ran fairly smoothly, so that was a blessing.  We have a lot of good appointments set this week and are looking forward to a big improvement from last week.  We have some new people we were able to find from our Area Book that used to investigate a few years ago but were dropped for no apparent reason.  It's s family of 4 that seem really promising and one we're excited to teach again.  We also are having a lesson tonight with a woman who came to church Sunday because she works at a group home and the guys she had to come help was blessing the sacrament.  I'm not really sure what disability he has but it was great to see him do that.  It reminded me of Colton Smith and how willing, able, and excited he is to do anything that he can to use the priesthood he's been given.  It was a really cool experience.  We talked to this lady after and she told us she's not a member and was wondering what was different about out church.  So with President Clements standing there we set up the appointment to teach her at the mission home tonight.  We're pretty excited and hoping it all goes well.

     Things here are going so great and the Lord is really blessing us!  The weather has been a little different more recently.  We were sweating Sunday night with 75 degrees and 70-80% humidity and then yesterday morning we woke up with it snowing!  It was a real shock but hopefully the weather keeps improving like it has been today haha.

     I'm so excited for Brady and looking forward to hearing how it goes this weekend!  It's crazy it's already time but such an exciting change too.  I hope everyone is able to make it and have a great time.  You'll have to tell all the family hello for me.

     Like I said sorry that this is so short, but I hope that all is well and I can talk to you soon.  Thanks for all you guys do!  You're the best!

Love, Elder Alex Craft

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