Monday, February 6, 2012

A Lot of Travelling

Dear Craft Family,

     I'm sorry to hear about some of the health issues and stress you guys are battling.  You're a bunch of champs the way you handle it though.  I'll keep praying for you all.

     This week was a very good week for us here.  We traveled down to Roshester and had the Zone Conference down there on Thursday.  It went really well and the training was great.  It's a smaller Zone down there with only 8 companionships.  It was fun for me to e down right near where I served in Kasson.  Even though I never was assigned to serve in the city of Rochester that's where my companions and I would have to go each P-Day to do our emailing and shopping because there wasn't much 20 minutes West out in Kasson haha.  So I got to be the one to give directions and navigate us around there.  Tomorrow we have the Minneapolis, Anoka, and Lakeville combined Zone Conference meeting right here in Bloomington at our church building next to the mission home and mission office.  I'm pretty excited to see everyone there including Elder Mead.  Because it's 3 zones there's going to be about 65 missionaries which should be a lot of fun.  We have to spend most of the morning and afternoon preparing and setting up over at the church.  Then later this week we head up to Duluth 3 hours north for their Zone Conference on Thursday.  My MTC companion Elder Lewis is one of the Zone Leaders up there  with his companion Elder Watkins (hopefully that answers your question Kat ;)).  It's always fun for me to talk to and see missionaries I've served around.  Now with this new assignment it's making it fun getting to know all the missionaries here in the MMM.  Hopefully I'll have some cool pictures from up North to send to you next week.

     Speaking of pictures those ones I asked for, Dad, should be in a top drawer of my dresser on the right hand side of my closet.  Hopefully you can find them, but if not don't worry about it.  I know you're studying a lot so don't take a lot of time looking for them. I did get that joke you sent me from Grandma too.  You can tell her that it was funny and definitely missionary appropriate haha. 

     I'm sorry for Brady to hear that Adam Vinitari wasn't there to beat the Giants this year.  That's what happens when the one player that's won all their Superbowls for them isn't there to do it again. haha Jk Brady. . . but not really.  Last night we were in lessons and stuff with a couple members who weren't watching the Superbowl so it wasn't nearly as excited as what I'm sure it was for some of you.  That sad the circumstances for why you're in Idaho, Mom, but fun that you get to see all the family. Since you're still up there and will be when you read this give them all my love and tell them I'm praying for them often.  It's good to hear they're all doing relatively well.

     That's cool to hear that you get to start a new pilot program at the MTC.  6 weeks in the MTC though?!  That's going to be the most intense German speaking, German learning time for you!  That's why I'm saying study the doctrine now cause there's no way you can in there haha.

     I heard that a certain sister of mine is supposedly all decked out in Super man gear today.  I hope the belt worked out for her, and now if I get a chance to play basketball in between setting up at the church today I can wear my Superman shirt I got sent and we'll be twinners.  LIke the Minnesota Twins! haha  Kinda lame I know but it's what I have to work with haha.

     Sorry there's not much more to report on from here.  We're working hard staying busy and loving every minute of it!  I hope that everyone does great with their academic and health skills and diagnosis tests this week.  I love and will continue to pray for all of you!  Thanks for all your love and support.

Love,  Elder Craft

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