Monday, January 30, 2012

Busy, Busy, Busy . . .

Dear Mom, Dad, and Family,

     Sorry that this is a little later than normal.  We aren't really having a P-Day today because we have to get ready for ZLC (Zone Leader Council) tomorrow and the Zone Conference in Rochester this week.  Things here have been pretty busy, but nothing too overwhelming.  We have a few different people that we're working with in our area, but it's just been a lot of scheduling conflicts that haven't allowed us to set any real appointments.  We did have a really great week though with some really good lessons and experiences.  We had a referral for a lady to go see in the Richfield part of our area and hadn't been able to see her the day after we got it, so last night we had all our appointments and back up plans kind of fall through on us and decided it would be best to go try her out.  When we got there it turns out that she lives there with her boyfriend and 3 kids along with her friend and her friend's son.  Her friend is the one that we talked to when we showed up and she was inside too.  They invited us in out of the cold and talked to us for a minute.  Come to find out that her friend is Hmong and she is Hispanic.  We couldn't believe the chances of that that the missionaries that come to teach them would be one Hmong speaker, one Spanish speaker, and me the white English guy haha.  Luckily for me they both speak Hmong and Spanish but were raised here in Minnesota and speak great English.  It was pretty cool to here Elder Lo talking to her friend and Elder Crepeau talking  to her and having there own little conversations in two different languages haha.  We taught them in English however last night and this morning we went back to teach them again.  They're so cool to be able to teach and want to believe that it's true is what they told us today.  It's amazing to see the people that are placed in our path at the time that they are!

     So far I haven't gotten to meet all the missionaries and travel all over the mission.  We did a couple trainings in St. Paul and one back up in the Shingle Creek area with President Clements.  With Zone Conferences this week and next I'll get the chance too see a lot more of the mission and the missionaries though.

     I'm sure that Brady has heard enough about mission prep from everyone, but seeing as I am the one on the mission right now I think it's my place to give it to him haha.  I just wanted to tell you be sure to ask any questions you have about what to buy or do in preparing.  My advice of reading PMG, as backed up by Mom and Dad still stands. haha I also wanted to just tell you about a sweet scripture that I thought you would like and to read and if you want to be unique put on your plaque.  It's in Omni 1:26.  Maybe you already know it, but it's one that I really like and hadn't really read much before.

     It sounds like everyone back at home is busy as usual but doing well.  I'm so glad to hear it.  Sorry that there isn't much more to say.  I hope that you all are doing great and that I'll get to talk to you again soon. 

Love, Elder Craft

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