Monday, February 20, 2012

Hello, My Name is Muaj Hmoo

Dear Family,

     Sorry this might not be very long today.  It's fun to see that most of us got a P-Day today haha.  Luckily for me we email in the office so it wasn't closed.  The challenge is just doing it in between the other things that we have to get done. 

     This last week was the last of the Zone Conferences, and they all went really well.  I got to see Elder Mead finally and he's doing well.  He has a great companion that is really going to help him and they're both working hard.  I didn't get to tell him about Brady because like I figured his parents had told him already.  He was pretty excited though.

     Elder Lo, Elder Crepeau and I have been working really hard trying to teach people and find new ones to teach.  We had the chance to go teach a less active Hmong family that Elder Lo knows from when they lived in his first area in St. Paul going to the Hmong Branch over there.  It was great.  The wife, T., but she just goes by her American name T., made us some great food, and  she along with her husband, T. X., aka B. haha, gave me a Hmong name.  All the missionaries here that are American but speak Hmong get a Hmong name.  It's tradition for their culture I guess, so they gave me the name Muaj Hmoo.  I would type how to pronounce it but I don't really know how haha it means Lucky or to have luck I guess and is a really great name that people really.  B. and T. said that if they have a son that's what they're going to name him.  So that was a really cool experience, but the spirit of the lesson in there was amazing!  These two were super strong in the branch while they were going, but gave into the family pressure and conformed to go to their Dad's church now even though they still know the Church is true.  Elder Crepeau and I basically did the most talking because Elder Lo has been over and taught them so much he wasn't sure what the next step was for them.  Elder Crepeau and I got to talk about the pioneers in our families that were converts like them and how we are here now because of them.  Elder Crepeau talked about his dad who joined the church when he was 22 and I talked about Grandma and Grandpa Craft specifically with them.  There was such a powerful experience with an amazing spirit as we testified about the blessings of their faith and diligence and that even though it's not easy for them it wasn't easy for our relatives either, but that the blessings of it have effected us even until now.  It was so cool and something that I think really blessed them.  They committed to come to church next week and Elder Lo said that's the most progress they've made in a long time.  It was so amazing and I really grew to love them just from the spirit that we felt there.

     Tonight for the last two hours of P-Day we have a cool dinner scheduled with the Clements where Elder Lo is going to teach all of us to make egg rolls.  We're pretty excited and so are the Clements.  It should be pretty good haha. 

     I'm excited to hear how the temple prep class is going to go for Brady tonight.  He's lucky to have Brother C. so close by and such a great friend that he's willing to do that.  It's going to be great for him, but even with my time in a temple prep type class with Brother J. it still didn't really prepare me fully for what it would be like because I don't think anything really can haha.  He's going to love it and I'm sure he'll learn all he needs to tonight.

     Well I hope that all is well for everyone else!  Thanks for all the pictures Dad.  I really appreciate it.  Thanks for all your love and support.  I love you all and can't wait to hear from you again!  Sorry no pictures this week.

Love, Elder Craft

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