Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Memorial Day

Hey Crafts,

     Sorry this letter is late again this week.  Because of the Memorial Day holiday all the libraries were closed, so we had to wait until today to be able to come email.

     I'm glad to hear that everyone is doing fairly well minus a couple sick people.  I'm sorry to hear about that and I'll be praying for a quick recovery for you guys.  The weather sounds so crazy still in Utah!  I know that there are examples in the scriptures of the Lord causing crazy storms and trials in places when the righteous are gone, so I think that's why all this happened after I left that great state. ;) haha I can't believe the amount of moisture that you guys are getting and going to have once the snow does melt.  The crazy part is that it was almost 30 degrees warmer here in Minnesota yesterday than in Utah.  I think it's only fair though considering that most of the winter you guys were probably 30 degrees warmer than I was. haha Hopefully you do get a break sometime though or it could cause some serious problems.

     That's great that Grandma is all moved in now and closer to the temple and family history center.  Not to mention closer to both her sons too.  I hope that she gets settled in and does enjoy it.  It sounds like she should from what information I've heard about this new apartment.

    I knew that Tavan would do great!  I wrote him last week so hopefully I get one more letter from him before he goes into the MTC so I can have that address.  Chance sounds like he's going to give all of us a run for our money with the way he's growing haha.  I'm glad that there were alot of people there to support Tavan.  Thanks for the picture from the farewell.  It was good to see alot of familiar faces I haven't talked to in a while.  Has Mitch gotten his mission call yet?  I haven't heard from him in about 7 months haha, so I'm a little behind in that information.  How many of those guys are planning to go on missions that were at Tavan's?  I hope that most of them are.  It's crazy that you can work for 3 months and then start on your papers Brady!  You can have your call in 6 months!  Look out Mexico here he comes! ;) hahahaha  That's insane!  I'm excited to hear that you might be getting a job too.  It sounds like it's something you'll be getting paid for that we've had plenty of experience of doing.  I guess you can thank Mom for all those hours in the summer preparing you with experience to be an expert at pulling weeds haha ;).  It's a tough call about school but working to earn enough money is not a bad route to take.  It's up to you but I know that you'll make the right choice.  If you need any advice on mission prep or things to prepare for and buy when it gets closer just let me know and I can tell you from my own recent experience and those of other missionaries.  I'm just excited cause I know you'll make a great missionary!!

    Things here in Shingle Creek are still going well.  Being district leader in the field is a whole lot different than it was when I was in the MTC.  Our district is way cool though.  I love working with these Elders that I am.  There can be times when it's a struggle but that's true with any district anywhere.  It just comes as a phase of missionary work.  I have a leadership training I have to go to down in Bloomington at the mission home for basically all day tomorrow.  I'm excited to be able to get some training so that I can be more effective as a missionary and a leader here for those around me.  It's funny that Mom mentioned stress because even though it is a tough job full of stress being on a mission and then having to be an example and leader for those around me I think that student government was such a blessing in preparing me for just that.  I'm glad that I went through some of the crazy times and stress that I did.  I feel like I can use and apply that experience to me now and it makes things seem not so bad.  Kash 4 Kids and assemblies make District Meetings seem like nothing haha.

     Our 2 investigators, Micheal and Tony, that I've talked about before are still doing great!  We are hopefully going to have their interviews at the end of this week and their baptisms a week from then.  Just one example of how great they are is that Micheal, like I think I'd mentioned before, wants to finish the Book of Mormon before he's baptized and was in Alma ch. 23 last Monday.  Last night when we talked with him and checked to see how his reading was going he said he was a few chapters through Helaman and working on finishing that today!  Elder Hatch and I have some serious catching up to do during lunch to finish that with him like we promised we would haha.  I'm so glad that I've been able to be here and really watch not only Micheal but Tony as well accept the Gospel and Book of Mormon into their lives like they have.  It's so cool to hear things like when Micheal told us he's just been "glued to The Book of Mormon" and he "can't put it down".  This Gospel really has power to change people's hearts like Alma talks about. 
     Sorry there's not really much more exciting or crazy information to share with all of you this week.  I hope that you all are doing well still or are starting to feel better for those others.  I love you all so much and prayer for you always.  Thanks for all  the love, support prayers, and advice you give to me.  I hope to talk to you soon and that next week I won't disappoint you with no email on Monday again haha.

Love, Elder Alex Craft

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