Monday, May 2, 2011

Preparing for Mother's Day

Hello Crafts,

     All I have to say first is wow!  I couldn't believe the news about Osama Bin Laden when mom told it to me.  That's crazy!  On a happier note though I'm glad to see that there were no new accidents to report on this week.  That's always good!  Everyone just keep doing what we learned in drivers ed and it should be fine! haha jk ;)

     Well May is officially here now, so I'm just waiting, like it sounds like you guys are too, for the flowers that are promised from all the snow and thunder showers.  We're just barely starting to get the buds on most of the trees to come in.  When we woke up this morning we were going to go running, but we wussed out when we saw that the air temperature itself was only 23 degrees.  We're just building more character I guess. haha I can't believe it's still this cold and it's almost Mother's Day!

    Speaking of Mother's Day.  I know that you guys had some questions about this whole Skype call next week, and I've been thinking maybe I'll just make a regular phone call and not let you guys see my face haha.  I mean getting to see me already might just take away the whole surprise and suspense of seeing me for the first time at the end of 2 years haha. ;)  JK  So I'm going to be using Brother Josephson's account and webcam that they have at their house since it's already set up.  His account name is russjjo, and I think he should have that 5.0 software because he's pretty up to date with his computer and stuff like that.  If there is a problem for some reason and we can't get through I'll just give you a quick call to see what's going on since I'm allowed to.  I'm going to try and make the call around 3 pm here so it will be 2 pm there you guys out west and 4 pm for Nick I guess.  I hope that time works for everyone.  I thought it should give everyone enough time to get home from church and get everything done before. Hopefully. Thanks for the heads up about the package too.  I'll be looking for it.

     So it was a pretty good day at church here for us.  It'd was fast and testimony meeting like usual for the first Sunday of the month.  The awesome part about it is that our investigator Eddy that we' haven't really gotten to see much recently came to sacrament meeting with his 2 boys!  We were so excited when we got to visit him last week and invited him to church and he said he could come because he had the weekend off!  It was even better that he actually did make it there.  He was the first investigator the missionaries have had to church in over 6 months I think if not much longer.  So it was good for the members to see that we are working and teaching people.  We were kinda nervous to bring him to fast and testimony meeting though because you never know what the members might "have a testimony of".  haha Especially in the Kasson branch.  Luckily the testimonies were all good with nothing to scary, blasphemes, or deep doctrine brought up.  Probably cause we were just praying for the simple testimonies the whole time. haha  Either way we were just pumped that he was able to come.  It was kinda funny he asked if there was an offering plate they were going to pass around at the end because he's grown up Catholic.  I explained to him briefly about what tithing was that he'd heard a few people's testimonies of and he seemed to understand it.  He even grabbed a tithing envelope on his way out the door.  So like I said it was a good day at church!  Unfortunately later in the day it wasn't as good.  Wouldn't you know that after we'd seen that great miracle with Eddy that Satan has to throw us for a loop and we got a text from one of our other really solid investigators saying he wanted to just "sit tight where he's at" and he "doesn't want to waste our time".  Even though we were really sad and disappointed I know that the Lord will continue to bless us with people that are searching and need the gospel in their lives. We'll just have to keep tracting and looking a little harder to kind them that's all. haha

     It's crazy to think about the guys I know that will be coming home off their missions soon.  Like Mom had mentioned there's Jordan Bowden,  Landon Parker ina  couple weeks, KC John in June, Tyler Grange in July, and Jared Rose around that same time in the fall along with Tanner Wayment.  It's just weird to me now that I'm out here immersed in missionary work to think about them going home. haha

     Well that's all I really have to share that's new here in Kasson.  I'm just waiting for this myth of summer to show up that I keep hearing about just like you guys.  I hope everything's going well and good luck to Brady and Natalie finishing school and everyone else with finals or that are just starting.  I love you guys and can't wait to talk to you next week! 

Love, Alex

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