Monday, May 9, 2011

Closing Down Kasson . . . On to Brooklyn Center/Brooklyn Park

     Man that was so sweet yesterday!!  I was a little frustrated that the camera I was on wouldn't work that well, but it wasn't exactly the nicest camera either.  At least I got to use one though and see everyone.  I was very grateful for that!!  Maybe someday we can Skype each week Mom but I wouldn't get your hopes up haha.
     Well today has been a crazy pouring thunderstorm all morning!  It's pretty intense!  What did I tell you about the weather yesterday Kat?  haha The curse lives on.   But like I said yesterday it was transfer calls this morning.  Despite what I thought and said yesterday about this area apparently the Lord has other plans for it.  Elder Judkins and I are both leaving.  They're pulling missionaries out of Kasson for probably 9 months to a year is what President Howell said, but it won't be his decision by that time anyway.  We were both kind of sad because we've been trying so hard and the members are working to really try and build the kingdom in that area too.  President Howell told us that we were doing amazing things and was really proud of what we had accomplished there.  It just happens to smaller areas sometimes.  We'll have to see what happens in that area over the remainder of my mission and see if they do open it back up.  We are sad that we can't teach Eddy anymore or some of the potential investigators that we had been working with.  Oh well like I said it's in the Lord's hands and he will provide a way for them to receive and accept the gospel into their lives.  Now comes the fun part over the next couple days of not only packing up our luggage but cleaning out the whole apartment.  They're going to be taking our supplies and stuff to the a new area in the Rochester Zone that they're opening called Preston.  That area will probably get our car too.  In case you hadn't guessed unfortunately Elder Judkins and I are not staying together for this next transfer.  That makes 5 new companions for 5 transfers for me.  We'll see if this next companion is from Utah too. haha  Remember how we actually joked about me going to a bike area for the summer?  Well that's exactly what happened!  I'm headed up to the North Shingle Creek Ward.  That's where Elder Katoa came to Menomonie from.  It's North Minneapolis and the area covers the large cities of Brooklyn Center and Brooklyn Park.  So I'll be right next to downtown and everyone knows this area in the mission as "The Hood" haha.  So it's a good thing I grew up in the metropolis of Hooper, Utah.   I should fit right in ;).  I'm excited though.  I've been there once for a baptism that Elder Katoa had us go back to of a guy that he was teaching, so I've met some of the members there too.  It should be really good.  My companions name is Elder Hatch who's been out 3 months and has been trained that whole time in Brooklyn Center/Brooklyn Park.   As for Elder Judkins he's staying down in Southern Minnesota.  His new area is Albert Lea and should be really good for him.  He's a good missionary that I'm glad I was able to serve with and tell stories about our high school soccer games too haha.
     Sorry there's not much else to write.  Thanks for the love support and prayers from you guys though.  It's helped me out a lot!  I really loved being able to just see all you and talk to you yesterday.  I'm glad that I can keep you informed enough that not everyone had to ask a ton of questions.  I'm going to try and attach some pictures and get some other ones sent, Natalie haha.  I hope everyone's doing well still from yesterday.  I can't wait to hear from you guys again.
Love, Elder Alexander James Craft

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