Monday, June 6, 2011

Eating, Sleeping and Dreaming Missionary Work

Dear Family,

     Thanks for all the emails and support this week.  I'm glad to know that everyone's doing much better as far as sicknesses go.  It sounds like it was pretty intense for a little while.

     Sorry there's not too much that I have to write this week.  Not too much exciting or note worthy happened.  I did have that leadership training in Bloomington from President and Sister Howell that was very edifiying, uplifting, and spritiual as always.  It really opened my eyes to ways that I can improve myself as a missionary and help the other Elders in my district to do the same.  I'm excited to be able to share what I learned for our next district meeting.  Hopefully this time I won't be as nervous because it's not my first one and I have a lot more material to teach on this time.  That always helps. haha The funny part is that now I have all this that I want to teach and I'm excited for we won't be having district meeting this week.  Go figure right?  Last week we didn't have it because of the training and now this week we're having another specialized training from President Howell.  I think he's trying to do all of these trainings because he has less than a month left!  That's so crazy!  It's going to be weird to see the changes and experience the transition between President Howell and President Clemens.  President Howell keeps making the analogy of relay racing and handing off the baton.  Not slowing down at all.  I don't think that we will.  The one problem I can see is that President Howell's a U of U grad and President Clemens BYU so there's one obstacle that we'll have to get around, but I think it shouldn't be too difficult ;). haha  It was really cool at the training because I got to end the 7 month search that I've had my whole mission. . . I found Elder Dillon Pilcher haha.  He's the other missionary out here from good old H-Town and he was at the training last week.  He saw me and once he figured out who I was he came over to say hi and we talked for awhile during lunch.  The funny part was that he kept saying how different I looked and I had to remind him that's becasue #1 the last time he saw me and I saw him I was a sophomore and #2 i also had longer hair back then that was never parted. haha It was way cool to get to see and talk to him though about his mission so far as one of the few Caran (?) Elders.  Too bad I found him and now he goes home at the beginning of August. haha We did get to take a picture though so I'll be attaching that for those of you who have no idea what or who I'm talking about you can at least put a name to the confusion now. hahaha

     We did have Micheal and Tony's baptismal interviews Friday and they passed!  So we're super excited and looking forward to their baptisms here soon.  It would have been this Saturday but Tony has to work in the morning when the bishopbric wanted to schedule it and has to work the Sunday after so he wouldn't be confirmed even if we did do it that day.  It's nothing too major but those are just some of the obstacles that Satan's trying to throw our way to do all that he can to stop this amazing step they're taking.  Too bad for him we've got the better power on our side :).

     The weather has been heating up here too.  At least in the high 80's for the most part, and I fell for you with the humidity Nick!  Just this morning as we were going out to bike here to the library we walked out side into what felt like some blanket of water I guess is the best way I could describe it.  It wasn't as bad as walking out into a wall but close.

     Oh here's a funny story for you guys.  So as most of you know I talk in my sleep, among other weird subconscious things that I do.  Well Elder Hatch found that out this past week too.  He said I woke him up a few nights ago in the middle of the night from it.  Now that would be normal and what I expected to hear, but then he said that i rolled up into like a fetal postition on the bed and said, "Alright lets pray. . . . I'll say it. . . " and I went on from there.  he said that I offered a pretty good prayer about Tony, Micheal, and Joe some of our investigators and even closed with Amen and everything. haha Now I not only have dreams about missionary work I guess I do it while I sleep haha.  Lets just hope it's only prayers and I don't start "sleep tracting".  I don't think that's be good for anyone involved.

     Now to answer some questions/make some comments.

Tom:  Well was surprised to hear both of the stories you told me.  I think you're one of the only people I know that's ever been sucker punched by a mission president.  Or I guess ex-mission president but still.  You do know that President Howell comes home soon and probably has some built up stress from the past 3 years so I'd stay clear of him ;) hahahaha JK.  I'm glad to hear that you're both doing ok and recovering and that you're working toward that great day on August 20th!!  That's way exciting!  I look forward to the news and pictures from that. 
Well as for the rest of you I hope that everything's going well and that I can hear from you soon.  Thanks again for all the love support and prayers!  I love and miss you guys and will continue to pray that things continue to go well in Utah and Virginia. . .and Idaho too I guess ;) haha.

Alex (Elder Craft)

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