Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Working in Kasson

Craft Family!

     Hey everyone!  So first of all I'd just like to apologize for not getting to write you yesterday.  We actually had Zone Conference in Rochester and so our P-Day got moved to today.  I warned President Howell that the mission home might be getting a call because my family didn't hear from me and he just laughed and said, " I hope so because then at least we know they still care about you".  It kinda made me laugh too. haha

    So my first question I guess is did Brady get his present form me?  Nick wrote me and said that he did,but I haven't heard yet so I'm not sure with Brady.haha  The birthday party sounds like a normal Craft family gathering.  Full of laughing, sarcasm, and some comments from Brady. haha Jk I'm gald that you're at least trying to fill in for me there.  The funny part is that as I read the part that Kathleen wrote me with all the quotes and story about Natalie's phone I could totally picture that whole scenario in my head and it just made me laugh.  I'm surprised that Natalie let her phone out of site at all.  I thought that that thing would be completely attached to her by now haha.

    As far as this the area of Kasson is concerned.  I'm still trying to motivate and keep looking at the positive each and everyday.  We've been trying to point out miracles everyday that we see.  Even if they may be small.  Things like the fact that that last house we knocked on didn't slam the door in our face even though they weren't interested.  I've talked to the mission president about the attitudes and situations there and we talked about the people of Ammon when they were enslaved with heavy burdens on their back the Lord didn't remove those burdens.  Instead he strengthened their backs to be able to carry them.  That's what President Howell said he's seen with me and has full confidence and faith in me.  That really helped me to feel good knowing that he called me to this area because he trusted in me to be able to be the catalyst to change the way things are.  That's something I talked with Elder Russell my first couple days out about.  I told him that this is a land of miracles just waiting to happen and we could be the ones to make it happen.  He told me that tracting was ineffective and that this area has never had a baptism from tracting.  My reply was, "then how amazing will it be when we are the first ones to do that?".  That's what my attitude about it here has been all along and I know it's from the strength that the Lord is giving me to carry my burdens.  Your prayers are such a blessing and they help so much each and every day. The great thing also is that we had a good exchange with our Zone Leader last week and Zone Conference yesterday so Elder Russell was able to talk to both of them about his concerns and I was able to talk to them too.  Ever since those his attitude has been improving incredibly.  We working on a couple that have some potential now that we're teaching and so I'm really hoping with his new attitude we  can see the success and changes I've been praying so hard for and that I know can happen here!  The only negative thing about this area so far isn't so much about the area as it is this climate.  I  am just getting so sick and tired of cold and snow now!   Over the couple weeks I've been here we've gotten a total of 8-10 new inches of snow. We've had a couple more days of below 0 tracting too.  Even though I tell myself these experience will help me and it builds character I'm pretty sure that I've built up enough of that character in the last 4 months. haha I'm looking forward to the experiences that come with the myth of warm weather I hear everyone talk about. haha

     I hope that everyone else is doing great!  It really is so good to get all your emails and letters.  Even if the letters might take almost a week to get here I appreciate them so much!  They really help me out.

Brady:  I hope you did get my present cause it was sweet!  haha I hope eveything's going great with school.  Good luck with tryouts.  Let me know how they go and how Fremont's doing in State.  I have one piece of advice that I want you to do sometime this week.  If you guys have the Ensign for March already I would HIGHLY suggest to you that you read the talk on page 22 about missionaries and preparing for a mission.  It has so much good information that could really help you.  So just read it and let me know what you think unless you already have.

Nick and Tati:  Happy Anniversary this week!  I know it's early but I can't remember if it's the 2nd or 3rd.  I'm glad you know all about XMI.  That makes me feel better like it's not just some junk tie from Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin. haha  Thank you so much for the long email and the advice.  It really did help and I'm trying to improve this area and Elder Russell as much as I can.

Kat and Tom:  I'm praying for you in school and it sounds like you need it with all the tests back to back to back!  That's crazy!  I'm glad you seem to be doing well though.  The way you described the party was awesome. It really made me look forward to when we can all be home again and have them together!  I agree with you Tom is pretty awesome!  I hope everything's going good with him and your guys' temple prep.  That's exciting!  I'm so happy for you guys!

Grandma Craft:  Thank you so much for the email and the write up.  I'm glad you enjoyed the pictures and letters.  I look forward to getting you letter this week!

Mom:  Thanks for the advice that you gave me!  It really helped me too.  I know that I can do all things with the Lord and like I said I feel the blessings I'm receiving from your prayers!  How long did my letter take to get to you?  It seems like mail takes a really long time to get here or that maybe I'm just not as loved as I think haha.  I'm hoping to get your letters soon.

Dad:  I'm praying for you with this new job, but I know that you can handle it with no problem.  I'm glad to hear the Tyler decided he didn't want to be gay and play for Davis.  He'll be a good addition for them along with Parker, Jordan's little brother.  They're both really good, so I'm interested to see how tryouts go.

Camie and Brock:  I liked to little faces on the email. It really helped to describe your emotions. haha That really is too bad about all those shots for 26 weeks!  But the only thing I have to say is. . . . .Karma. haha I'm just kidding.  That really is no fun,but then again neither is early labor and bed rest.  I guess you'll just have to take your pick. I'm glad to hear that Brandt's doing well and staying healthy, and that you're whole little family's just doing great! :)  God luck with school.  I'll be praying for you.

     Well I think that that's about it until next week.  Thanks again so much for all the love, prayer, and support you guys give me!  I miss you all a lot!  I love you and can't wait to hear about the new exciting adventures next week.

Love, Alex

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