Monday, March 21, 2011

Spring Thaw

Hey Crafts!

     I do have a home now, so everything's going much better! haha We live back in Kasson right on Main St. in an apartment that Missionaries used to live in before they were taken out of this area.  It's a pretty nice apartment.  I' hoping the computer won't be stupid and I'll have enough time to send the pictures that I keep promising.  One of the greatest blessings about  having our new apartment is that I got my mail sent to me!  I think it must have been a missionary record for mail because I got 11 letters and 1 package!!  I was so happy!!  Elder Russell not so much. haha I knew after that day that unlike Moroni "my kinsfolk had not forsaken me".   Thank you so much for everyone that sent me stuff!  I know I've said it before but it really does mean a lot to know that you guys are taking to time out of your busy schedules to remember me.

     It sounds like we might have close to the same weather as Utah now.  At least maybe we did for a few days.  Most of this past week it was 40+ degrees!  It was so nice!  It was almost like everyone came out of hibernating too.  Everyone and their dog (literally) were outside working or running, so as a result we were able to talk to a lot more people because we knew they were home.  They were already outside so they couldn't hide behind the door.  Sometimes I really can swear that we see people moving inside the houses we knock on, and as soon as we get there the people crouch down and hide behind the couch or something because then the house is silent and no one's moving around. haha  I find it really funny.

     So I don't know if I told you guys before, if I did that's too bad, but  funny fact here about the Kasson Branch is that there are an average of 30-40 members.  Which means that apparently we don't have enough people for all 3 hours of church.  I only go to church here from 10-12.  I just thought that was kinda different and funny.  One of those random facts of Kasson I get to tell you guys all about.

     I'm really happy to hear that Fremont's doing so good again!  That's awesome!  I really hope that they take it one step further than we did last year.  BYU sounds like they're doing pretty well too.  If there's one thing that we can relate to people with around here about the church it's BYU basketball.  Especially when we're tracting and the only thing that people have heard about the LDS Church is that recent controversy of that player who's not on the team anymore.  People seem to really respect that around here which is something that I find really good.

     It's crazy to think that transfer calls are a week away from today!  Elder Russell says he's pretty sure he's leaving, so we'll see who's prayers will be answered. ;) hahahaha jk It is going to be interesting though that's for sure.

Dad and Mom:  Thanks for the letters.  I'm hoping to write you back today.  Thanks for getting that delivered to Keaton too.  I had an interesting card delivered to our mailbox on Saturday.  It was from Todd and Brent Zaugg addressed to an Elder N. Craft. hahah I just started laughing.  I don't think he's had that title for awhile now.

Nick and Tati:  I hope that you interview went well Nick and that you guys are doing great out there.  One of the Sisters from my MTC district wrote me and told me that she went on exchanges in your guys' area and saw your names on the records, so that was kinda cool.  She said she'll probably serve there because it is a Sisters area,  I guess we'll find out.

Kat and Tommy Boy:  Thank you so much for the package and all the "Tommy Tricep Treats" or whatever you called them. haha I was laughing pretty hard with that email and your stories from your mission.  Speaking of which who was your mission president you were an assistant to when you were out there and the name of that island you served on?  Was it President  Miller?  Because there's a member in the branch here that said he and his wife served in the Canada Halifax Mission and served on the island of Newfoundland I think (?).  But he later went back and served as a counselor in the mission presidency, so when I told him about you he said that he would have been there with President Miller as President Baker the same time as you.  So I was just curious if you could know him.  I don't know how he'd forget someone like Tom "Lemon Fresh" Benincosa though. ;) haha

Camie and Brock:  I hope you had a really good birthday and that you got the package that I sent you.  If you really don't like it just send it back and I'll get something else for you.

Brady:  Congrats on the goal man!! That's so sweet!!  I had no idea that Clearfield could be THAT bad! ;) haha Really though that's way cool!  Keep it up.  I would tell you to keep up with Jex's favorite 3 letter acronym but it's not exactly missionary appropriate. haha

Natalie:  I hope you're still doing good.  I haven't heard from you in a little while little girl, so maybe if it's convenient for you and you're not too busy on my phone ;) you can write me a couple lines on here.  I won't even make it have to be hand-written. haha

     It sounds like everyone's doing great!!  I'm so happy!  I pray for you all each night and thank you so much for all your prayers.  Your support helps me out tremendously.  I love you all and miss you so much!

Your not so frozen Minnesota Missionary Popsicle Alex.

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