Monday, March 7, 2011

"In the Rock We're a Little Boulder"

Hi Everybody! haha

     I hope everyone's doing great!   As for the missionary in South Eastern Minnesota, I'm doing great.  It's still a struggle but I think that that's just part of the territory.  Zone Conference that I talked about last week was so good.  Our Zone Leaders told us that this zone (The Rochester Zone) is known as "The Rock".  So they tried to institute that for us and get us all motivated about being in the Rock.  There were plenty of puns in their training and they even gave each companionship a rock that they painted "In the Rock we're a Little Boulder" on it.  It was kinda funny and a little over the top, but it was a good training that really got the message across to us to be a little more bold in our contacting and teaching.  As a result Elder Russell and I decided to try and be "A Little Boulder" this last week.  We have one investigator named Eddy that we've only really been teaching since I've been here.  He's a really cool guy and we decided we were going to be more bold with him, so we decided that we should invite him to be baptized last Tuesday when we met with him.  We did just that and invited him, and the best part is that he said, "yeah that'd be good".  It's was a great miracle that he said yes and is working toward that!  We were so pumped!  The only problem is that he can't really come to church because he works in shipping and receiving at a warehouse from 5 a.m.- 2 p.m. every day but Saturday.  We were praying hard to try and figure out how we could help to get him to church this past week, and man did the Lord pull through.  Yesterday when we went to see him we got to see an answer to that prayer first hand. He told us that he got a call Friday not to come into work and that they weren't going to need to schedule him to work anymore weekends.  I was so thankful and really had my testimony strengthened about the power and answers of prayer.  The Lord is so aware of all that we need and blesses us accordingly.  It was great for him too because he was telling us about how exhausted he's been working these long hours and not having time to do anything else around his house.  That was just a couple of the miracles that we saw this week.  We're just really hoping to continue to help Eddy progress and work at being baptized.

    Sorry I can't write anything to each of you like I usually do, but there's not much to say either. haha Like I said I hope that everyone's doing great and I hope to hear from you soon.  Sorry this ones so short, but that's what happens when the library only has 4 computers.  You don't get much time to spend on one. haha  I miss you and love you all!

Love, Alex

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