Monday, March 28, 2011

New Companion. Again.

Hey Crafts,

     Well like I said before it was transfer calls today and all I've heard about the past little while is Elder Russell's idea and feeling that he's leaving.  He even got up in testimony meeting yesterday and told everyone it was transfers and he had a feeling he was going to leave and wanted to say thank you and good bye to everyone.  Luckily to save his embarrassment he was right.   We got the call about 9 this morning that Elder Russell's headed to Shore View.  It's kind of North St. Paul area I guess and he'll be with a really good missionary Elder Ronstrom.  He's one of the few missionaries that I know and he came out here from Sweden.  As fro me well obviously I'm staying here in Kasson and my new companion is coming down from Buffalo.  Where ever that is.  President Howell told me that he came out 2 transfers ago, so he just finished his 12 weeks of being trained.  I'm suppose to "make sure he's doing everything right like he should be" in the words of President Howell.  I'm suppose to reiterate the training.  It's going to be interesting to see how it goes because we are both young in the mission, but I'm really excited!  I'm sticking with my pattern so far though of only having companions 1 transfer which is kinda weird.

     Sorry about the confusion with Eddy our investigator coming to church.  He did have his schedule change 3 weeks ago so that he could amazingly enough make it to church.  However, his cousin went into labor that morning and he had to watch her other kids.  He told us when he said he was coming to church that he wanted to make sure and take advantage of that weekend he had off because his boss said it was going to be 7 days/week for awhile on their schedules.  That's why I said I was going to have to pray and fast for a miracle for him.  Then this last week when we saw him he started talking about coming to church yesterday because they were having the weekend off to get some new things installed at work.  So he committed and was excited to come, but wouldn't you know it he had to drive up to Lake City to get his step-daughter from her grandparents and wasn't able to make it.  We'll just have to keep trying and praying so that hopefully he can make it with us to conference this weekend.  I'm pretty excited about conference.  We're working hard to get a few investigators to come.  I know we got to the priesthood session for sure here at the Rochester Stake Center, and I think we get to go there for all the other sessions too.  Basically everyone calls Conference the "Super Bowl for Missionaries".  So it should be pretty cool.  Disappointing that we won't be going for ice cream or Artic Circle after, but still pretty good. ;)

     I got your letter Dad about President Howell finishing his mission.  I was actually going to mention to you and Mom that when he does go home you guys should go to his homecoming. haha That'd be pretty cool.  I forgot to tell you guys when I talked about Zone Conference that President Howell had actually talked to us all about the new President.  His name's president Clemens and he lives in Utah somewhere with his family.  I guess he and his wife are from San Fransisco, so maybe you can look him up and see what else  there is interesting to know about him.  It's is weird to think about changing mission presidents and all, but it's like President Howell and I had talked about in one of my interviews.  He said that President Clemens could be way better than he ever was and do things that I like way more, I told him i highly doubt that, but we just won't know until he gets here.  I do agree that it can be a good chance to try and get to know him and "help me grow" like I think this whole last transfer helped me to do. haha

     This last weekend they had the Dodge County Expo at the high school in Dodge Center, and because this area covers basically all of Dodge County we had a booth in it.  We'd been preparing and getting supplies this last week for it.  We had to set up on Friday night and the event was from 8-2 on Saturday.  It went really well and was a really good way for us to get our name out there and talk to people.  We talked to and handed pass-along cards to something like 120+ people.  We didn't see any immediate success from it like Elder Russell had somehow expected, but I thought it was a great opportunity and thing to be apart of.  It was funny to talk to the people that were like, "I talked to you guys on my porch last week" or "were you the same guys knocking on my door?"  haha The branch members that were there helping to man it thought those conversations and people were kinda funny too. haha  It made me think about how much fun the fair has to be for you each year Mom when you'd have the booths you'd have to sit at.  It made me appreciate how hard I know you had to work at that and to do it for a few days because we were pretty tired after the 7 hours wer spent there.

     Well that's about it for the updates here from the good old Kasson kingdom. haha  Basically I don't have much for everyone individually except Camie and Brock.  I 'm glad that you got my package and that you like it.  I'm assuming that they fit pretty good(?).  That's funny about Brandt that everyone's comparing him to me I guess.  Not so much funny the names or titles he's been given because I know what that's like, but if he really is like me you can assure him it's all worth it in the end.  After he put up with all the crap for a few years he can be able to say he's part of an elite group in our family that not many are apart of.  It's called the "6 foot and Up Club".  So everyone might make fun of him or ridicule him for not liking shots now, but we'll just wait and see what they have to say when he's taller than them! ;)

    I hope everyone else is doing good with their jobs, school, and whatever else there might be.  I'm always praying for you guys and all your needs.  I love and miss you very much and look forward to talking to you again soon!

Love, Alex

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