Monday, January 3, 2011

A New Year and Stories of Road Kill

Hello Family,
    This has been a crazy morning for sure!  Transfer calls came in this morning from President Howell at around 9.  He called and told me that I'd be getting a new companion.  I'm taking over the area here in Menomonie and so I should be here for at least the next 6 weeks.  My new companion is coming from the North Minneapolis area and his name's Elder Katoa (I think that's how you spell it).  Ironically enough he's from American Fork too.  How crazy is that?  He's a big old Tongan Elder too so this should be fun.  Maybe I'll learn how to do the Hawka legit now.  I'm excited but scared too.  I don't know what I'm doing and I told Elder Blume I just hope I don't get in the way and screw up the Lord's will here for the people.  Elder Blume is pretty excited.  He's headed to Thunder Bay Canada!  He was so surprised.  There's only 4 Elders up there out of the 200 in the whole mission.  It'll be pretty cool for him.  Like literally freezing cold.  Not only is he headed to Canada for the coldest part of the year he's in the bike part of it.  That's gonna be a definite experience for him he'll probably never want again. He'll do great up there though. 
     New Years was kinda lame for us and I was totally fine with that.  We actually were suppose to come in at 8 that night.  President's orders.  So I was actually in bed at 9:30 and just woke up to 2011.  That's so crazy for me.  Now I start my long year of my mission.  I'll go all through 2011 out in the field.  It's gonna be pretty cool! 
     In other news: you guys remember the guy I told you about wanting to feed us racoon?  Well we dodged it so far except for the fact that I'm gonna be here another 6 weeks and can only make up so many excuses and avoid it for so long.  We were at his Mom's, Sister C.'s, for Christmas, and we found out just how far in the back woods we are.  They started talking about this new buck that they had to go pick up that got hit by the gas station.  Apparently they drove by and saw it the other night.  A semi took it out, so they wanted to get it before anyone else could.  I., the guy trying to feed us, said, "That's 100 lbs of free meat".  And the other son B., that just got home 2 weeks ago from the Las Vegas Mission, said, "I know.  When I'd tell people about all the free meat we get they'd look at me like I was crazy".  I am dead serious right now.  These people eat road kill!  I had to focus so hard to not let my jaw drop and look at them like you are crazy!  I seriously shouldn't believe it and it made me a little concerned as to where the turkey we were eating came from because they started to talk and reminisce about the greatest "pick ups" they've ever gotten.  They are some of the nicest people I know.  Very active in the church, but road kill.  That's when I realized. . . . . I am in Wisconsin.  That was my crazy experience of the week along with the baptism we had yesterday.  His name's D. G., he's 9 and his dad B. is a recent convert.  He was baptized a couple months ago by Elder Blume and his old companion when they were in Hudson.  Elder Blume knows the family really well and it's been cool to hear how much they've changed and to get to know them.  It's cool to see all the miracles going on here.
     The weather's been so weird. It got up to 40 last week and rained for a couple days.  Yeah it was super sweet until it dropped down in the teens again that night and now there's a layer of ice over everything.  Driving someplaces is like ice skating with a car.  Luckily for me I don't think I'll ever have to worry about getting in an accident  because I won't drive on my mission. haha jk ;) thanks for figuring my license situation out for me.  Until then I'll just be the navigator.
     Now to try and answer the individual questions:
Nick-  Sorry I didn't tell you last week but I forgot.  Elder Calvert from Denver, Elder Taylor from Tokyo, Elder Merrill from Rexburg, and Elder Naylor from Twin Falls were all the DC South Elders in my district in the MTC.  Sister ward from West Jordan and Sister Holt form Arizona were in there too, so if you get a chance to see them tell them I say Hi and that I hope they're all doing well.
Natalie-  Sorry I never told you this before but my voicemail password is just XXXX.  haha Sorry that's really annoying but really funny for me. Also,  where did you come up with the name Aly Al?  What the heck is that?  Have you been talking to Sidne? As for you English homework. . . good luck.  I don't have any tricks for memorizing for you sorry.  I wish I could help but I don't think I could identify a pronoun, noun, adverb, and all that in a sentence for you now if I tried.  I'm super stoked for that CD! That's gonna be sweet!  You'll have to listen to it and tell me which ones are the better ones cause they'll all be good. ;)  Don't worry about not talking to me that much.  Just make a list of stuff to talk about on Mother's Day and we'll make sure to cover it ok?  You're an amazing little sister and I love you.  Keep on supporting Brady, and feel free to use my room whenever.  I'm glad it helps you! :)
Mom-  That's crazy Jacob only gets 3 hrs of light.  I was gonna say something about it last week but I forgot.  It gets dark here at around 4:30 and that seems so early for me.  That's so cool Julianne's sister lives that close now.  Did you give her my address and tell her to forward that on for me? haha I haven't actually gotten any mail for the past 5 days, so hopefully I get it soon.  I haven't heard from Cody but I can't wait to find out.  It sounds crazy.  I am feeling much better don't worry about me.  We don't go outside now and tract or anything because President Howell told us not to so we can get better.  We drive the car everywhere too even though we could use our bikes.  They're in G.'s garage and they'll probably stay there because I don't feel like eating it riding on ice and snow, but that's just me.  A cruise would be a sweet idea to help me thaw out once I get home.
Grandma-  Happy Birthday!  Sorry I could be there to wish it to you in person but I hope it went well.  I love reading your emails and seeing that you're doing good.  I hope all is still well.
Dad-  It is starting to get crazy cold here now and I figured Bishop would love to hear that.  It should be dropping to -30 or -40 here in a couple weeks without the wind chill so that will be fun.  You really rented Eclipse? Dad, I thought I taught you better than that come on.  hahah I'm jk I heard a lot of the 14 year old girls love it.. . . . ;)  FYI even though he's from American Fork Elder Blume's not a BYU fan.
Brady-  Just keep up the search for some good heech that won't stand you up.  They are out there you just might have to search beyond the boundaries of Fremont.  I hope everything's going good.  Try not to stress too much about school.  Have you started Conditioning yet?  Who's running it?  Make sure you take it serious and take roll.  That's what gets you to state ;)
Camie-  Don't worry about that package.  I believe you'll send it and I'll be here to get it when I get it.  I'm not too worried.
Kat-  Good luck with school!  I'll be praying for you.  That's be sweet to finish before I got home though.  Don't worry about how much you talked to me.  I loved talking to whoever would and it just happened to be you the most. haha Whatever cupcakes you send or have sent I guess will be fine.  I'm excited.
     Well I think that's all for this week.  Just know that I love you and miss you.  I'm praying for you all everyday and thinking about you.  I can't wait to hear from you.

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