Monday, January 31, 2011

January 31, 2011

Hey Family,

     What's up everyone? Well not too much new with me that's all that crazy this week.  I'm glad to hear Cevering did so well at his farewell.  I knew he would and that he's going to be an amazing missionary.  He's gonna tear it up in Chile!  I think Weav's farewell should be next week or the week after cause he's leaving pretty soon too.  I'm glad to hear my friends all still remember me and are thinking of me while I freeze here.  I think if you tell them the best way to find out how I'm doing would be to actually write me a freaking letter it would be for the best!  haha jk It works just as good to have you guys keep the entourage informed. ;)

     So last week wasn't actually too cold for most of it.  We had some crazy "heat wave" for a couple days that we got up in the high 20's almost to 30 degrees.  I didn't know what to do with myself.  I almost pulled out the short sleeved dress shirts, but I figured all good things must come to an end, and I was right because today it's back down 15-20 degrees colder and snowing.  But hey at least we're on the positive side of 0. haha  When we had those warm temperatures we got a bunch of freezing mist that was a giant pain in the butt though.  It just covered our car and everything else in this thin layer of ice that made walking and driving in some places a bit treacherous.  It was weird because it hung in the air too.  We'd just be walking and feel it hit your face and we could see what looked like glitter just hanging there.  It was pretty weird, but we survived. 

     Here in Menomonie we have a lake called Lake Menomin that's right by Main St. and the highway coming into town.  Cars have been driving out there to ice fish since December, so that's no big deal.  On Saturday there was a whole little village set up out there with probably 100+ cars.  We could hear snowmobiles out there too.  They were having snowmobile drag races out across the lake.  It was kinda cool to just watch them for a second.  They had two plowed lanes that they would just scream down, and to think that it was all on top of the water was way cool.  It's gotta be some pretty thick ice to support everyone out there, and it's something they do every year too.  I just don't know if I'd have enough faith to try and drive out there.  Elder Katoa and I thought about it but then we figured, not only is it against the rules, but sinking a car that was provided by other members of the Church might not be the greatest thing to try and deal with let alone explain to President Howell.

     The other cool thing about being here in Wisconsin now is the fact that the Packers made it to the Super Bowl!  The bad part is that we hear the Steelers are a really good team, so we'll see what happens next week.  There's going to be no point in tracting during the game because no one will even answer the door.  I just hope that they win so that we have a lot of really really happy Wisconsinites to talk to.  If they lose it might not be such a great day to go around and try to talk to everyone about Jesus Christ and how His Gospel can bless them in their lives.  Strangely enough I don't think they'll wanna hear it.  We figure either way, win or lose, they'll all be intoxicated and we might get to talk to them because of that. haha

     I don't really have anything else to write about that's cool or exciting.  I haven't had any new animals that I've gotten to eat yet in case you all were wondering.  As far as I can tell I don't have any new parasites living inside me from what I've already had either.

Kat and Tom:  Good luck with the test!   I hope all goes well and you pass so that you can handle any other thing thrown at you like you said. haha  I like the pictures you attached.  Brandt looks way cute!  I think not only Mom but Camie and Natalie are going to kill you for posting those pictures on the internet.  I was afraid for anyone looking at my screen here at the library that might think I was raised in the circus with the clowns.

Grandma Craft:  I hope they organize temple trips for you too because it is such a blessing to be able to go.  I wish that we could go more than quarterly here as missionaries, but I look forward to when I can even more because of it.

Mom:  I did get your letter that you wrote at 5 a.m. but I haven't gotten one from anyone else yet.  I feel bad that I can't write all of you a letter each week.  I just don't have the time.  I did send Sidne a letter though!  I don't know what she's talking about because it was sent with those other ones and was like 2 pages long front and back.  It took forever!  I think I sent it to her house address, but I can't remember.  I could have sent it to her apartment at Utah State, so if you could just let her know that I did send it I just don't know which address she needs to check that's be great.

Nick and Tati:  Thanks for giving me your address.  You were the only sibling that I didn't have an address for.  Congratulations Dr. Craft!  I'll keep praying for you so you can have the job opportunites come up.  I can't believe you guys drove 1mph through that snow storm!  That is terrible!!  I guess it would be bad for people though if they've never driven in it.  Especially 5 inches.

     Well sorry this is kinda short but I hope that everyone's just doing amazing!!  Like I said I'm sorry I can't write all of you individually each week like I'd like to.  I do feel bad.  I hope to hear from you all again soon!   I love you, miss you, and pray for you all each night!  Thank you for your prayers they really do help.

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