Monday, January 17, 2011

L. Family Baptism

What up Crafts?
     Haha jk I just try to think of new ways to start the emails and that's all I could come up with.  I would just to start off with something a lot of you had questions about.  The Baptism was amazing!  Their names are M. and A. L.  I don't know if I already told you that but I figured it won't hurt to say again.  It was a great program.  I got to baptize M. and Elder Katoa baptized A.  It was such an amazing feeling to know I was part of that huge step in their lives.  It was very humbling and M. kept saying, "that was so cool" over and over again.  I also felt super stupid after the baptism.  It's an embarassing story but I figure that all the family that's been on a mission will think it's even more hillarious.  So like I said I baptized M. and I thought it was really good.  I did have to do it twice because his foot floated up when he was under, so they just wanted to do it again to be sure.  That wasn't the embarassing part.  I even said the whole prayer right. The problem was that I was so super nervous I somehow forgot that it was just that, a prayer.  I didn't even close my eyes!  Because I didn't M. didn't either, so he was looking right at me.  It was awkward with him 2 feet away staring so I looked back at him about half way through. Elder Katoa was behind us at the door and saw it all unfold.  The reason he thought it was so funny was that he said it looked like we were "gazing into each other's eyes". I just started laughing really hard and realized how dumb I really am when he told me this that night.  In my defense the last baptism I was at was Natalie's or one of the cousins and so I just had my eyes open anyway.  I didn't have to worry about doing anything there.  I'm not too worried about it though.  The ordinance was done right and with the priesthood, so how dumb I looked and felt's a different story.  I just thought you'd all enjoy being apart of my embarassing story.

     Other than that the baptism was really great!  The program went really well.  Our branch here's very supportive of the missionaries.  We get fed basically every night.  Our ward mission leader, Bro. S. is the man.  We just didn't have many people there bacause it was on a Saturday afternoon I think.  Everyone was talking to them and congratulating them on Sunday when they got confirmed.  I was s nervous about baptizing M., but I was twicw as nervous Sunday because A. wanted me to confirm her and give her the Gift of the Holy Ghost.  That was way spiritually nerve racking!  I actually closed my eyes on that one and did it without any problems. haha  We had another mamber's son baptized after church yesterday too.  I told Elder Katoa I wish that we had a weekend like this every week.  Always having to fill up the font.

     We got some really cool news from Bro. S. this week.  He told us that they found out last week his neice, from the Green Bay area on his wife's side, is going to be on this season of Survivor airing in a couple weeks.  Her name's A. B.  He told us even though we can't watch any of it, but I thought that was pretty cool and that if any of you happen to catch some of the season you could think of that.

     Other than that I'm doing pretty good.  It ius still cold and will be for another 3 months, so maybe I won't even notice by then.  The work here is still going great with alot of miracle each and every day.  It really is amazing being a missionary and I love it.  I just hopoe that we can continue to see success and find solid people like M. and A. throughout the rest of my mission.  I know everyone's always asking what I need, but I'm doing fine.  I feel bad asking for stuff, but I just can't get it here.  If you could send just another notebook of the paper with the prophets I've been writing my letters on, or any other cool staionary like that I would really appreciate it.  That way I can keep writing all those letters I know you love so much! ;)

Grandma:  You are a great missionary!  Doing all those names and helping to spread the gospel to everyone you talk to.  That's so cool.  How did your talk go in Relief Society?  I wish we could go to the temple each week.  We're trying hard to be able to go this transfer sometime.  I hope you're doing well and in your callings.

Dad:  I don't know if I was allowed to but I saw that video of the 12 year old kid.  MAn that brings back memories of when I was 12. . . haha I wish!  That was incredible!  I can't really take any pictures in my new coat because I don't have one.  I use the one from Mr. Mac that Kat and aTom got me and it works fine.  For now at least so we'll see how it goes and if I end up getting a new one.  As for a picture on my bike I don't use it yet and so I will when I bring it out.

Kat and Tom:  First of all I'm not going to make a comment even about L. and what you said.  But I agree Tom is the best!  He really is such a blessing to our family!  What's Brady's GPA at now?  That sounds like a good deal for both of them.  Especially since Brady will get a tux, the ticket in the dance, and the group picture for free.

Tati and Nick:  Don't worry about not writing Tati.  I totally understand.  I'm glad to hear that you're having a good time with your mom and to know you can relate to how I feel.  The mission really is the perfect place for me to be.  I know I'm suppose to be here now.  Don't worry about sending a package either.  I'm doing fine.
Mom:  It would be so awesome to be there when M. and A. get sealed, but they're thinking about maybe making a trip out of it to Utah.  They've never had a honeymoon either he said so it would giv them an excuse.  I hope that maybe I can.  I did hear about Cody finally.  He emailed me.  That's so crazy!  That's a long time to wait too.  I feel like I'm missing something here. . . .how do I feel about being an uncle again?  I'm not sure if this is what I think it is but I need some info ASAP.  I haven't gotten a letter from Grandma or Grandpa Burke, but tell them I do love them and miss them.  I'm looking forward to that scarf too because I know I'm going to love it no matter what.  Thank you so much!  I hope it gets here this week!

     Thanks again everyone for all the letters and support that you give me.  The prayers are really helping me I know it.  I pray and think about all of you all the time.  I miss and love you all!  See you next week same time same place.

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