Thursday, November 18, 2010

Hey Everbody!

What up Craft family?!

I'm so glad that i get to email and tell everyone all at once.  Hopefully i can answer the questions you all have.  First of all yes mom scott got stitches because he got an elbow in basketball.  i think he got 2-3 right above his right eyebrow.  so it wasn't anything too serious.  shirley can stop worrying now.

Some other things i forgot to metion last time about the MTC is that we have a fireside every sunday night and devotional tuesday night.  The past 2 firesides we've had sheri dew and Mark Lusvardi from the church office come speak.  The devotionals are the ones where apostles come speak to us and my first one here we had Elder Bednar come speak!! it was so good! and this past tuesday was Elder Pearson of the 70!  All the speakers at the firesides and the devotionals especially have been so great! their messages are amazing! i wish i could take more notes with what they say but i just can't write that fast!!

Also, about the MTC i don't know if i said it already but the beds are tiny! i have my feet hang off and if i fold my arms under my head to sleep on them my elbows hang off the sides.  I sleep on the top bunk and every time i roll over i hit my knees on the wall haha i just don't have much room up there. I would like you to defer my scholarship i got if you could! i'll try to send the papers back cause you might need them.

Mom and Dad Happy Anniversary! i was thinking about it yestersday and i figureed it'd be faster to just wait to email and tell you today!! Dad how did the interview go? i'm just curious.

I"m way excited to go to Minnesota in a matter of 5 days.  I have to get my hair cut tomorrow,.  It's mandatory to have it cut at least 5 days before you leave.  I'm excited for the cold and snow! thanks for the comforting words there about a foot of snow already dad ;) haha jk i really am excited thought! time's flown by here!

I helped host new missionaries yeaterday with my district and 300 other missionaries out on the curb!  There were 750 new missionaries that came in! they didn't want to have any right before thanksgiving so they combined the weeks for them to come in.  I got to host Luke Weston though! He came yesterday and i was the one that carried his luggage for him and showed him his room and class.  It was way cool to be able to help the new missionaries.

FYI i didn't hang on the rim in gym i'm not that stupid haha i just popped it to almost lose my gym time cause they're so anal about even touching the net when you're not playing.  Shae's companion is from Norway going to France. THey've seen the other elder Jacob was talking about but i haven't.  WEll jeff sounds dumb as ever and sounds like JAron's doing good.  The Jazz and Fremont sound like they're both doing pretty good! keep me posted! i can't wait to hear how Fremont does in the championship! You can write me to keep me informed on these things Brady ;)

THis is just kinda cool info my roommate Elder Eggertsen told us about a couple days ago: so i know Dad listens to KSL news radio but for anyone else familiar with it or not Elder Eggertsen's dad is Grant on the Grant and Amanda Show! that crazy! he said that you can email him if you want cause he would love to hear from someone else whose son is going to the MMM.  Let alone somone that's in his room with him! i just thought that was way cool!

Tell the ward thanks so much for the cards and support! i'm gonna try to work on writing some thank you cards later today.  THanks for the package too!!! i got it yesterday and i love the food and pictures too! Those were great and i was showing them to everyone! I showed everyone your pictures to Kat and Camie that you sent! i really appreciate them.  They're great! feel free to send more anytime!

Well my time's about up.  Sorry it's so short but thank you so much to everyone for the letters, emails, packages, pictures, and all your love and support! It really helps me out so much!  I love hearing from all of you and love you all so much! I miss you but i know that the people i'm going to meet need my message and testmony of the gospel to bless their lives! They need to know the simple docrtines of the gospel and that through Faith in Christ and His Atonement, repentance, baptism by proper authority, recieving the Gift of the Holy Ghost, and enduring to the end they will be saved!!  I love this gospel and all of you!

Elder Craft

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