Thursday, November 11, 2010

hello everyone!! Finally!! :)

Dear Family,

First of all i'm sorry that it;s taken so long to e-mail and if i spell wrong or have poor grammar it's not my fault i'm only allowed 30 minutes to email before the computer kicks me off.  I was so excited to finally have a P-Day this week to be able to talk to all of you! i've felt so bad i haven't had time to even write after that letter the first night.  i'm surprised that took as long as it di to get to you.  Sorry about that.  To address everyone's main concern: my throat is basically all healed!  I only struggled to eat at the meals on the first day.  Ever since then it's progressively gotten better and my appetite is back and better than ever! i'm eating everyhting anf getting seconds.  THe food is amazing!! The weird part is that most missionaries you hear gain weight in the MTC but i have lost about 5 lbs so hopefully i get that back and a little more. 

The first day was very hectic and a little bit of chaos and shock! i couldn't believe i was actually there in the MTC wearing the name badge with my actually name on there.  The one i've dreamed of wearing since i saw the pictures of NIck in his.  I was also thinking 2 years! that's forever! since that day we've had class which has calmed down a little now but the first couple days a felt like i was honestly getting a drink form a fire hose! I've taken so many notes trying to learn all i can.  i've almost filled up half of my notebook already in a little over a week! i wish i could tell you all i've learned and how my testimony has just grown fromm learing to rely on the Lord but i can't even rememvber all i've learned and don't have nearly enough time. 

I'm in the laundry room doing laundry now typing while i wait for my clothes to dry.  Speaking of which mom can i dry my dress shirts? just wondering.  Also i think i left my hymn book somewhere at home cause i can't find that so if you could send that with some pictures and treats because all the elders in my room and on my floor ate them in 2 minutes literally cause they were so good! don't worry i got some of them but offered to the others and once word got out of your amazing cooking there was no stopping them haha Incase everyone's wondering my companion is Elder Lewis and is so amazingly spsitiual.  He's a great elder that has helped me so much and is very good and listening and helping me in  my new calling. 

The Second night here we met our Branch Presidencey and they called me to be the District Leader.  We have 8 elders counting me and 3 sisters.  Elder Naylor, is going to the DC south mission and is from twin falls, Elder Merrill, also going to DC from Reburg, Elder Calvert, DC too and is from Denver, Elder taylor is going to DC and is from Saporro Japan, along with Sister Holt from Arizona and Sister Ward from West jordan are all going to DC South. 

The MMM misssionaries are Elder Lewis and I Elder Eggertsen from Centerville, and Elder Anderson and Sister Daniel both from vernal.  Those elders going to our mission are our roommates too and they're awesome! our whole district iis great! we've grown so close and i love them all! i just have to run the meetings, go to meetings a few nights a week, and get the mail for them.  SO i love seeing all the support from all of you! it really has helped me! i'm not one to try and criticize at all but hand written letters and ever notes are so great too so if any of you have an extra minute to write me a little something that'd be fantastic!!

Mom: i hope work goes well for you and i'm so thankful for you and your concern. Don't worry i'm not even mad about you talking to the nurse at all! they haven't actually even asked or talked to me about that.

Dad: Thanks for finding time to always write me.  I wanted to strangle Jeff throught that letter so i imagine how you feel.  that stupid dog!\

Brady: that's sweet about your GPA and Fremont keep it up and keep me posted! you can write emails longer than the first one of 2 lines which is good ;)

Nat: thanks for all the encouraging words and you go ahead and sleep in my bed all you want.  Someone needs to use it!

Kat and Tom: I didn't actually read that letter on the toilet sorry but it did help! your support is so great! and she's right everyone. . . she'd written every day so i'm not trying to say you couuld step it up or anything but. . . ;) jk

Nick and tati: thanks for the letter i'm excited to be here too and know it only happens once! i'm trying to live it up as best as i can!

CAmie Brock and Brandt: i expect that picture soon! thanks for the letters!

Sorry i forgot to mention i saw shae and hayden on the first day and i see them and scott at least once a day! it's so sweet we've gotten pictures together  a couple times so i hope to send those soon! it's hard calling them elder but it's just something to get used to!

well i've only got a couple minutes until it kicks me off so i just wanna say i love you all so so so much and miss you! you're in my thoughts and prayers daily!! keep praying for me and the support because between you and the Lord i think i'll survive! love you all! See you soon!

Love,  Elder Craft
p.s. good luck with the job dad let me know how it goes! i'm praying for you!!

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