Saturday, November 13, 2010

Dear Family,

Sorry there were a bunch of questions I forgot to answer. I didn't have time because I'm not the world's fastest typer. No I haven't actually seen the missionary from Norway but I know he's here. Shae's companion is Elder Bjerga from Norway, but he mostly grew up in utah so he speaks fluent Enlgish fine. He talked to me a little about him, so hopefully I'll see him soon.

Yes mom my throat's really fine I'm not allowed to lie as a missionary. I think there's a curse here that will strike us down if we do. I do get gym time everyday but Tues. my P-day & Sunday. Yesterday was the 1st day I got to play soccer because the field's been closed because of cold and the little bit of snow we've had, so I tried to dominate but playing in my indoor shoes on grass isn't the easiest and it's not exactly fair cause I'm the only Elder that went to a big school & played. A couple others played at like 2 & 3A schools but didn't even go to playoffs. Mostly I play basketball, and the games are pretty intense. There's so many Elders that are as tall and a few a couple inches taller so those games are fun. You do gain respect there cause I dunked it in a game the other day & had Elders asking me in the gall if that was me & how sick they thought it was. It's hard to do though cause we can only dunk & touch the net, rim & backboard in a game. I almost lost all my gym time earlier this week for grabbing the rim in warming up. They're really anal about it. We only get to play 3 v 3 games too on a halfcourt cause there's no actually full court. There's 8 half courst set up all around the gym  They have a track to run upstairs so I did run a mile around that before basketball games, & that's where all the weight machines are. They're all cable machines, so there's no bench press or anything  & they're usually all taken. Instead I try to do pushups & situps in my room there's a pullup bar in our hall. So I'm trying to still workout a little. I think I did lose the weight cause of my throat, so that should come back.

I'm glad you talked to Angie & I wish I could email her but I can't. I didn't save Cody at all. haha that's kinda funny but I'm glad she thinks so. I wrote him the other day so hopefully I get a response. Whoever spent $13,000 on a ring as a male needs to find a wife or hobby cause that's ridiculous!

I know you guys write everyday that was a joke Dad.  :)  And yes everyone Ashley's written me twice so I wrote her on P-Day, but I don't have her address, so I had to send it to Paige. I don't know if it's in my other book & didn't get transferred or what but I'd really like to have it!  :)  Thanks.

It's kind a funny too that wouldn't you know the day after I send that email I find my hymn book! And that day we got our travel plans! We're flying out Tues. 23rd & have to be at the travel office here @ 5 a.m. The DC missionaries leave the day after @ 3 a.m. So it's crazy we're over half way done! This week's really flown by!

Well sounds like the Jazz are doing great, so just keep me informed with the outside world. If you can't get a package together don't worry about it. Sorry if this letter takes forever too. I can't wait to hear from you and love you all!


Elder Craft

P.s. Grandma did write but I didn't have time to email her so that's why I sent her letter in here.

P.s.s. Another plus I failed to mention about the MTC is that I fit under the shower head! Amazing enough they're like 7 ft high so that's really nice!

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