Monday, August 29, 2011

Sorry, Mom. I forgot your birthday.

Hello Everyone,

     Are you surprised to get an email that's actually a Monday? haha  Now you won't have to wonder in suspense over the next 48 hours waiting for something to come.  Since I know that's what all of you do.  Once Monday hit at 12:01 everyone turns their computers on and anxiously awaits to email to come. haha  JK

     Thank you for the emails and pictures from all of you!  I know it must have taken some time to do that.  Especially from Brady.  From what I hear it seems like everyone is doing well.  I'm glad to hear Mom's back from Idaho to fix whatever may have happened to the house haha.  Only bad part about Mom not being in Idaho is not only that Camie's on her own with those kids now, but I sent your birthday present up there that Camie and Brock will probably get today or tomorrow haha.  Sorry I thought you'd be there for at least this week.  Just know that I didn't forget about you Mom. :)

     This week in the Shingle Creek has been good.  We haven't had too many things to report on, but all in all it was good.  President Clements came to our District Meeting along with the Zone Leaders so it added a little bit more to our little band of missionaries.  It was a great experience to be able to have him counsel with us and give good insight on what we should do to work with our investigators, and to also hear what he had to say on the training I gave on "The Role of the Book of Mormon"  and how to use it more effectively in our teaching.  President Clements is so great!  He's always so loving, encouraging, and willing to help with anything.  We also had an amazing answer to prayer come at church yesterday.  I can't remember if I've mentioned to you before that we have two deaf investigators that we're working with.  Russ, who I've talked about before, has just been so frustrated trying to understand, comprehend, and communicate about all he's been learning recently.  Then  JV is this awesome guy who's been meeting with missionaries for awhile.  His sister, brother, and one of his "baby mommas" are all members of our church.  He's been watching the Book of Mormon and knows a lot about what's in there.  We haven't been able to meet with him as much recently because he's been gone and his phone has been off so we couldn't text him.  This past couple of weeks we've been able to go over and see him.  We reviewed the Restoration with him because he already knew all of it and has a testimony of it.  We didn't have to teach him hardly anything about it.  The Word of Wisdom has been his struggle for awhile that he's been working on (just like Russ.  Anyone guess where I'm going with this?. . ) .  So at church yesterday both JV and Russ came.  We introduced them afterwards and it was like a train took off from there. They stood and talked (signed) for 15-20 minutes after sacrament meeting in the chapel.  Once we were able to get them into Gospel Principles they just continued from there.  They had their own conversation while Elder Haupt and I taught the class and the interpreter that was in there for them just watched them talk.  After class they didn't even go into priesthood but rather just stood outside in the hall and talked the whole time.  There's another less-active woman in our ward that has recently been coming back really strong who is also deaf that showed up yesterday and talked with them in the hall during priesthood too.  After church we walked around before our coordination meeting to see where they went and they were still talking down at another part of the church.  Sister Fish told us that Russ is really excited now to see the struggles that both she and JV have are just like his; that they're both deaf; and they've been able to overcome these challenges through prayer, scripture study, and coming to church just like we talked to him about .  We have the Book of Mormon on ASL that we've been telling Russ about and after talking to JV and seeing how much it helped him he really wants to get it to start watching.  He told us that he understands alot more now and the interpreter told us she'll have to talk to us later about the conversation that Russ and JV had in Gospel Principles.  From what I could catch in between teaching and based on what few signs I do know I caught a general idea of Russ asking JV about the Word of Wisdom and Law of Chastity and without even knowing it JV was testifying of what it was, how it will help him, and how he can find strength to overcome.  Sister Kirkham, who was the interpreter, said that JV was basically converting Russ right there at church!  It was so amazing and like I said a miracle and answer to prayer that the Lord provided for us.

     I hope to hear again from you all soon.  Once again thanks for all the emails, pictures, love, and support you guys show to me.  Keep praying for me because as that story goes to show the Lord provides miracles in all sorts of ways to accomplish his purposes.  I love and miss you guys and am always praying for you.

Love, Elder Craft

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