Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Another Zone Conference

Hey Craft Family and Friends!

     Sorry that I wasn't able to email you all yesterday.  We had Zone Conference on a Monday again, so P-Day was pushed to today.  I think they  purposely schedule it on Mondays to see how well we as missionaries are at either planning or surviving or possibly both haha.  Planning to see if we actually do plan ahead and have enough food that we're not eating any last grains of rice or something on Monday because all our food supply was rationed just for a weeks time.  Then surviving for those missionaries who might actually do that haha.  I'm jk Zone Conference was great!  I think I say that every time but I just love when Zone Conference rolls around every few months!  I feel so motivated and spiritually uplifted to go out and conquer all of Minnesota haha.  It's great to be able to just be around a large group of missionaries that are all going through the same sort of things you are and have such great experiences and testimonies to learn from.  Yesterday President Clements gave a fantastic training on overcoming investigators concerns and feeling true love for those we serve and teach along with a true love for the Gospel.  Especially what's taught in The Book of Mormon.  I really do love it!  We never seem to have enough time to just sit and read from The Book or Mormon during study time.  We do a lot of lesson plans of planning for people throughout the day trying to help resolve concerns and teach to their needs, so it is good and I love being able to study and learn for the time I do.  I've just learned so much so far that I can't even believe and I know that I'm not even close to knowing as much as I would like.  So much to learn and apply and so little time to do it haha.  It was great at Zone Conference for a couple other reasons too.  We had a 3 Zone combined conference and as a result there were a lot of missionaries that were there.  Including Elder Judkins, Elder Russell, and my old District Leader down in Kasson, Elder Nelson.  It's always fun to be able to see missionaries you know and talk to them again, so I had the chance to do that with a lot of them yesterday.  It was funny cause Elder Baxter the one I played against from Layton was there too, so as Elder Judkins and I were talking he walked up.  It was like a Region 1 soccer reunion haha.  Elder Haupt was like, "man I swear you've played everyone in soccer" haha.  The tradition here in the MMM is to have all new missionaries come up to the front after lunch that have come out since the last Zone Conference and people can raise their hands to tell facts they know about each one.  Once there's not any more hands the trainer gets to come up and introduce and fill in anything else about him.  So with Elder Haupt I went up and to start it off I said, "yes he is a cyclist like you all know, but a lot of people have asked about his wrist.  So for those of you who don't know we actually took the training wheels off his bike last week and now you can see what happened". haha It's a good thing he's a good sport and just kind of goes with my sarcastic sense of humor haha.  It's always a good time to see what random facts come up about missionaries.  I'm pretty sure with most of the "facts" missionaries blurt out it's like a game of "2 truths and 1 lie" type thing.   Just judging by the faces of the missionaries it's said about and from my own experience haha.

     As for Elder Haupt and his injuries we had to go to the Dr. last week by order of Salt Lake and found out from the Dr. that he had "a crack in his radius".  He didn't know whether it was broken or if it was just his growth plate that never fused together.  Now he's been wearing this carbon fiber type splint for the past week that's just held in place with an ACE bandage and only has to wear it for a few more days.  I guess to put it simply he's doing fine  and his bike didn't have hardly any damage either, so we were lucky.

     Thank you soo much for your letters and emails!  I really appreciate it from all of you!  It means a lot because I know how busy your civilian lives are haha.  Don't feel bad if you don't write every week though.  I know that it doesn't mean you love me any less, so don't feel guilty like you have to write me.  Just whenever you have a chance is nice.  You know where I am for the next few months too so there's no rush! ;) haha

     Just to kind of answer or respond to some things you all asked or said:

Mom and Dad:  That's really cool about the talk you got to hear on prayer Mom.  It really is such a powerful thing that I'm trying to work on as well.  I know that it is a communication tool that we have been to graciously given by our loving Father in Heaven that wants to hear from us and help us.  I've seen it personally and with other missionaries and people.  The last district meeting I did was actually on prayer.  I appreciated the testimony you sent too Mom.  Thank you.  That's too bad to hear about Camie's almost big event.  That has to be frustrating. but I'm sure there's a reason why.  That  probably doesn't help her much with pain or frustrating but it's all I have to offer haha.  The friend you ran into Dad was Tyler Smith.  You can tell him too that I never heard back from either him or Mitch since I wrote them in the MTC.  I don't know what happened but I look forward to talking to him.  He's so funny!  I love that guy!  Thanks for Tavan's address too.  I'll be sure to write him a Wilkommen lettern. ;)

Nick and Tati:  Thanks so much for the email!  I really enjoy hearing from you guys and now knowing that nothing too crazy has happened I guess.  Anytime I hear about anyone going to or that's been to DC at all I always talk about you guys.  I just have one question, so what is it that you are doing at your internship exactly? Is it basically exactly what it sounds like something for Human Rights?  I'm just kind of curious ha.

Kat and Tom:  That sounds like a ton of fun for you two kids! Lagoon and Seven Peaks back to back in one week.  You just lived every 6th graders dream! haha jk that really does sound like a lot of fun.  I'm glad you had a good time and liked the new rides.  Did you go on the giant half pipe at Seven Peaks?  I think it's called Boomerang or something like that?  It was pretty intense when I went on it a few years ago.  Good luck with the sealing plans and everything.  I hope it all works out for you.  I'll keep praying that it does.  Regardless it sounds like your trip is going to be amazing!  Those pictures looked sweet!  Maybe in a few years when you do go back I'll have to tag along and try to unthaw from this next winter here. haha ;)  My address here is 4709 76th Ave. N. Brooklyn Park, MN 55443.  You don't really have to send me anything, but if you insist on trying this new packing method I guess I can't stop you ;) haha  Thanks you guys are the best!

     Well thanks again for all you guys do for me!  All your support, love, and prayers are definitely felt and appreciated!  I love this Gospel and the blessing it brings to my life and to all of us as an eternal family!  You're the greatest and I love and miss you!  I can't wait to hear from you again.

Love, Elder Alex Craft

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