Monday, August 1, 2011

A Little Stability

Hey Everyone,
     I'm glad to hear that everyone at home is doing well.  This week for us was great.  Transfer calls were this morning and for the first transfer of my mission I am keeping the same companion.  Elder Haupt and I already knew that though because this new training out line is 12 weeks long.  It wasn't any real surprise to us not getting a call this morning, but we are excited to keep up the hard work and seeing the blessings of the Lord here in The Hood haha.  I did get one change this morning with transfers.   There's now a set of Sister missionaries in our district.  So now instead of just us four Elders we have two Sisters as well.  It will be pretty cool I think.  I haven't been in a district with Sisters yet on my mission.  What's cool too is that all three of us companionships here consist of a trainer and trainee.  Plus, Sister Daniel is the Sister that came out with me from my MTC district.  That's basically all the news I have for now though at least about changes with transfers haha.
     I told you all about a couple new investigators last week Russ and Pierre, so I figured I'd give you a little update on them from this week.  Russ is still doing great and he came to church again yesterday.  He has a lot of questions that we're trying hard to answer for him as he's trying to learn.  He's great and always really excited to see us.  He was asked a couple funny questions yesterday to the interpreter about us.  One was if we were the prophets which really isn't too crazy for him to think because he's learning all about what a prophet even is.  The next one that made us laugh was why we weren't married yet. haha He's just a funny guy.  As for Pierre. . .man he was one interesting character.  We met with him 4 times total last week that probably combined was 9 hrs total.  What started last week as a lot of questions turned into a quiz on our scriptural references each time we went.  He wanted answers and we'd give them to him, most with a Bible reference in fact, but nothing sufficed.  He wanted firm evidence about our relationship with God and Jesus Christ, the origin of The Book of Mormon, and Joseph Smith's First Vision.  Things that can't all be provided and proved through just Bible reference.  That makes the entire definition of Faith obsolete.  We even had a lesson at the mission home with President Clements on Friday so that he could help teach and see what we were talking about first hand.  We were so excited about Pierre, but by the end of the week we realized that it might not be the best investment of time to continue to work with him. I'm glad that I got to know and meet him.  He's a great guy and it was a great experience both for my testimony and knowledge to grow in.  Next time I run into another Evangelical type personality I'll know what to expect. 
     We had an amazing miracle on Wednesday.  Micheal, who I've mentioned before, text us and said that he had decided on a date and wants to be baptized on the 20th of August!  We were amazed because we haven't been pushing or really meeting with him to  much, but the Lord and the Spirit can work wonders within people.  We met with him Friday and his whole countenance has changed.  He was so happy talking about being excited to be baptized!  It was nothing short of a miracle that came as an answer to much fasting and many prayers.  Thanks everyone for the prayers and support because we were able to see the fruits of that labor this past week.  
     We're really excited to continue in the work and miracles that we've seen here.  They're all around us and August is going to be ab amazing month!  What is kind of weird for me is that this Wednesday Elder Blume, my trainer, will be going home.  He's the first companion of mine to go home and it's weird to think that he'll be headed back to Utah.  He's a great missionary that taught me alot.  If you ever run into a Joshua Blume from American Fork that's him haha.  Elder Pilcher is going home this Wednesday too so the MMM will only have one Hooperite for a little while.  That is until Elder Mead comes on up to the land of 10,000 lakes, windchill, and extreme heat index haha.
     I love you all so much and once again thank you for all the love, support, and prayers given on my behalf.  You guys are great!  I'm glad to hear about the good news for you Kat!  Congratulations!! And I look forward to more good news from Camie and Brock here in a few weeks.  I can't wait to hear from you all again.  Sorry it's not too long, but there will be more miracles to report on next week :).
Love, Elder Craft

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