Monday, November 14, 2011

Where is the Snow?

Dear Family,

     Thanks to everyone for the emails and prayers.  To start off and help clear up some worries of Mom's: yes I am staying warm haha.  I'm a seasoned Minnesotan winter veteran remember? haha JK.  The weather here has actually been incredibly nice!  Saturday it was up near 60!  There isn't even any snow here, and from what I hear that's not the case in either Utah or Idaho.  What about DC?  Are you guys starting to see white yet?  Don't get too jealous of my no snow just yet because once it does come here it's not going to stop for the next 5 months!  And we won't even talk about the temperatures that come along with it haha.  So far I haven't even pulled out my coat.  I've only had to use my gloves tracting one night when it got to about 28, but even that wasn't too bad.  The rest of the time we've been out at night it's been in the upper 30's so I haven't even need my gloves or earmuffs.  Like I said before I'm going to come home and be able to shovel snow in a t-shirt in Utah! haha  Once it does get colder though I will pull out my coat and hammock,Mom,  and will be just fine.  It lasted all last year and from what the natives have told us here that was one of the worst on record.  Our apartment is really nice too so a heater won't be necessary. Thanks so much for the thought and concern!  I really do appreciate it, but we haven't even had to turn on the heat yet and when we do there's a heating system in our apartment.  Speaking of my apartment I'm hoping to attach some pictures of it so you can see what it looks like.  I realized the other day I haven't even shown you where I've been living the past 10 weeks haha.

     That's so funny about Landon.  I knew it!!!  Tavan and I talked about this since high school.  I just can't believe he's getting married to Jesse this week.  I guess that's about 6 months since he's been home so it's nothing too crazy.  You'll have to tell them and Cherice that I said hi.

     To answer your question Dad I am not the District Leader anymore here in this area.  Elder Caldwell is and he's serving over in Plymouth.  It's kind of funny because he actually trained Elder White and did half of Elder Parry's training.  There aren't as many district leaders as there were before because there's not as many districts.  They recently realigned all the districts to be alot bigger with more areas included in each district.  We're the smallest zone here in the Minneapolis Zone, so we only have 7 teams total and our district is made up of 4 of them.  We have Waconia (where or actual meeting house is), us in Eden Prairie, Minetonka, and Plymouth.  The old district that I was District Leader over got 2 more companionships added to it when they made this whole realignment so there's 10 missionaries in that one now.  We have Zone Leaders as well but they are apart of the other district in the zone and work in South Minneapolis.  I hope that gives some more fun information and answers your question haha.

     This week there's not too much crazy or exciting to report from last week.  We did have some lady last night tell us when we knocked on the door, "sorry I'm watching Harry Potter, so I don't have time" and just shut the door.  I just turned to Elder Parry and said, "I cannot believe someone just used that as a legitimate excuse" haha.  It was pretty funny that she was actually serious about it too.  We have our "Mission Tour" this Friday and one of the members of the Presidency of the Seventy I think will be here to speak to us.  I'm really excited about that, but at the same time after meeting Elder Quentin L. Cook it's kind of hard to try and top that haha.  We should be getting new phones at the meeting too so that's kind of a fun random fact for you.

     Like I said sorry that there's not much too new or exciting to report.  We have some good potentials that we'll be working with this next week and doing a lot more tracting  to find even more people.  Your email really helped to confirm my testimony of it, Dad, and what I've said before.  I know the Lord has prepared people here for the Gospel.  We just have to be worthy enough and work hard enough to find them.  So hopefully this week we will have done enough to report the fruits of that labor to you.  I love you and pray for you all always.  I'm looking forward to the Christmas Music and talking to you again.  For some reason Mannheim Steamroller is not approved for Christmas music just so you know in case you were going to send some.  I don't know why it just is so I follow the rule haha.  I hope all is well.

Love, Elder Craft

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