Monday, April 11, 2011

Oh the humidity!

To My Adoring Fans:

     HAHA jk  Well i decided to listen to Dad and email this back to Mom because he's kinda incapacitated.  This week hasn't had too much that's exciting happen.  We actually did get into the 70's yesterday!!  I couldn't believe it!  I didn't think the thermometer could even reach that high here.  I figured they all had a range of -60 to 40, but I guess I was wrong haha.  The problem now with it getting hot is the humidity.  I thought everyone that would say, "oh man the humidity is what kills you during the summer"  or different things like that were just being wusses and that I wouldn't even notice the "extreme humidity" because I hadn't yet.  Yesterday with those high temperatures showed me just how wrong I might be.  It showed me just how much of a desert Utah is. haha It was 90% humidity at 65-70 degrees and that made it feel like 80-85.  The only thing Elder Judkins kept saying was that, "it's so muggy".  That's basically the best way to describe it too for all you desert dwellers in the promised land of Utah.  So this summer is going to be an experience that's for sure.

     It sounds like everyone's been super busy yourselves though.  I don't even know if I'll be able to recognize the house with all these changes and updates it sounds like that are being added.  I'll bet it looks way good.  I hope that everyone got my letters last week preferably before Saturday haha.  If not oh well you'll see why once you read them.

     So Mother's Day is on the 8th this year just a couple weeks after Easter, and is my new favorite holiday for the next couple years.  Not that I didn' t like it before, but now I get to call home and talk to you guys that day!!  I know it's still a few weeks away, but in this mission we're allowed to use Skype to talk to our families on the days we can call home.  So I figured I'd let you know a few weeks early so that we can try to figure out if we could do that because that would be way sweet!!  I don't know if there's a web cam or computer we could do that on.  I don't know exactly how we'd set that up, but I guess if you guys could just look into it in the next week or so and see if that's possible to do and will be easy enough I can try to talk to some members here to arrange where we can use it at here.  I just thought that it was way cool when I heard that and would be something you'd want to do too.

     Well that's about it not too much exciting like I said, but it sounds like it's pretty exciting home.

Kat and Tom:  Thank you for the email.  I know you've been way busy.  Just whenever you have time or can write is fine with me.  Don't stress about it :).

Camie and Brock:  Man that's so exicitng!  A niece!  Maybe now you can name her Crew or Group or whatever name it was that you wanted!  HAHA JK!  I just had to give you some crap.  That really is way exciting.  I'll definitely pray for you guys to not have the placent prevaila (however you spell it) be a complication.

Brady:  Soccer sounds pretty intense and I'm glad that you had so much fun at Prom.  I'll let Elder JUdkinds know about N-Ridge for sure. haha Thaty's hillarious that you counted Corey's Um's inhis talk too.

    SOrry I'm otu of time everyone but I love you and miss you guys!! TAlk to you soon!

LOve ALex

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