Monday, April 18, 2011

Crazy Spring Weather

Dear Family,

     I think Mom was right when she said that I got a taste of the crazy Utah weather from a couple of weeks ago.  Last Sunday it actually got up to 72 and blew my mind!  I didn't think that it was possible but it happened.  So right when I'm getting exicted to put away my big winter stuff and hammock I wore around my neck [JK Mom ;)] and start to believe in the sun produsing heat again we get hit with 30 degree temperatures and blowing rain and snow!  I was so ticked to wake up and see everything covered in snow again.  Luckily it started to warm up and is back in the 50's again today so most of the snow's gone but it sure wasn't fun to have to got out and tract in that crappy weather again on Saturday. haha

     It sounds like from what I get to read from everyone that you are all super busy too!  I hope everyone's doing well in all that they have going on.  I pray for you all to get the blessings and support from our Heavenly Father in all your different endevours that I know He's just waiting to give.

     I'm really excited to get this Easter Package from you guys!  Thank you so much for the package I already got from you Nick and Tati!  I know all the work and effort it takes on your part to send those to me.

     So like Mom said I haven't really mentioned much about Kasson but these are just some answers to the questions she had, so anything anyone else is wondering about feel free to ask next week or on Mother's Day.  The members here are really great.  Serving in 2 branches now especially after coming from Utah growing up in and around Wards my whole life it's made me realize just how diligent and faithful these members have to be.  There's not other kids at school for these kids or people at work really that the members can lean on for support.  They have to be strong in their faith with a great testimony to be the examples to those around them that I know the Lord expects them to be.  There's limited numbers of active members and even more limited on the amount of worthy Melchezedik Priesthood holders.  Which means they rely on us as missionaries too.  We have to prepare and bless the sacrament each week and yesterday we had the privelage of helping to set a woman apart for her new calling bacause we were some of teh only priesthood holders there.  That was a cool experience.  As a result  of their small numbers a lot of the members "wear several hats" as they call it. haha There's many of them that have 3-4 callings and serve in those diligently.  It's shown me a lot about how I want to be as a member when I have to serve in certain positions later on.  I think I've mentioned before that we average 30-40 members here in the building we meet in.  There's the one branch here where the building is in Kasson itself but the members come from all over Dodge and part of Olmstead Counties.  We are part of the Rochester Minnesota stake so that's where they have to travel for stake conference.  It's only about 20 mintues from us in Kasson but some of the members from the southern parts of our area travel about 45 minutes at least to get there.  That's where we had to go for General Conference too because our little rented building doesn't have a satelite to receive that.  We are very fortunate to have the good members that we do here.  Some have us over each week to eat with them and others a few times a month.  It's great because usually we have plenty of meals and only have to live off Ramen for 4/7 days. hahah :) jk it really is great so there's nothing to worry about (Mom). haha This area, just from what I've seen and other missionaries have talked about, is one of the hardest areas I'll have to serve in because of the amount of work it takes to find anyone to teach, but it's helping me, my testimony, and work ethic to grow so much!  All the trials we face are just to help build us up for something better that's to come!

     I don't really have much for everyone personally besides Dad who I figure will be the one to set up the Skype account thing haha.  I still have to figure it out for me here, but judging from what Mom wrote it sounds like you guys can do that.  So we'll just try to coordinate and set that up over the next couple of weeks.

     Well I hope everyone's doing great and that we all get to see some better weather for this Easter Weekend.  I won't get to talk to you again but I hope it's good for all of you and that we can really feel the great spirit and power of what we're celebrating.  I hope to hear from you all again soon!  I love you, miss you, and I'm praying for you each and every day!

Love, Alex

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