Monday, November 12, 2012

Goodbye to the Rest of My Group

Hello Craft Fam,

                This was a great week and has been a crazy day for us gearing up for the crazy week that we have ahead.  But it should all be fun haha.  I think I mentioned last week that we have Mission Conference tomorrow and Wednesday from about 7 am when we have to be there to set up and get ready until around 4 pm.  That was the plan before we came in this morning and found out that Elder Gavarret, of the Seventy, who is coming won’t be coming until later tomorrow morning so our meeting will go from about 10 am, when we have to get there to set up, until 6.  So we’ve had to switch things up today and move them around on the agenda to accommodate.  Wednesday it should be the same 7 am- 4 pm.  It should be a great meeting and our 25 minute training for both of them is on how to introduce the Book of Mormon and use the Gospel Art Book in contacting people effectively and should go pretty smoothly.  Mission tour last year was really great when we had Elder Zwick, of the Seventy, come too.  It’s always a great way to learn a lot and get inspired.  The real inspiring thought for us and the rest of the office staff today is the fact that Elder Gavarret wants to spend some time tomorrow touring the office  and inspecting it.  We’ve been cleaning and organizing that for part of the day and will have to spend some of what’s left in the day at our apartment cleaning too because the GA’s usually like to inspect missionary apartments at these conferences and with us and the Bloomington Spanish Sisters being only a couple of miles away each we are likely candidates for a visit.  Good thing we’ve been cleaning and maintaining it the whole time.

                The work in Bloomington is going great!  Brother S committed to live the Word of Wisdom in the lesson that we had on exchanges this last week and is really confused by why people question what we teach.  He said, “I have loved everything I’ve heard, I’ve loved the worship service with you, and I know it’s all true.  Why does no one else see that or have a hard time listening to what you say?”  If we could have a world full of people like Brother S and the Ns’, so basically the Liberians, it would be a much better place haha!  We are looking forward to Brother S’s baptism here in the next few weeks and the Ns not too far after.  Brother N is really trying to get work off and once he can get to church he will be able to set a date for him and Sister N to be baptized.  There are a lot of exciting things going on here that we are really looking forward to.

                Transfers went well and the departing activities were very fun.  Getting the chance to be together with all those Elders again and just reminisce on memories that we had or experiences that we’ve since had was a lot of fun.  The stories that we all got to tell throughout the day and getting to go to the temple was pretty great too.  President seemed a little more relaxed asking questions about different crazy things that we’ve seen or experienced and laughed mostly because I think those were things he never heard or knew about and now got a chance to catch it firsthand without having to worry about consequences like he would with a new missionary telling him that because they were all going home in a few hours.  None of it was really too bad just about different companions that were more interesting than others and the stories to go with them haha.  A great part of the whole day though was getting to have them all stay in our apartment and getting to talk with them all there.  The best part was after all the fun, memories, emotions, and stories that I got to drop them off at the airport and wave good bye to them all while I went back to my element in what I knew in Bloomington haha.

                That’s about it for now and the rest of this week will be outlined on the calendar I sent you.  I decided with all the cool information and things that I tell you about doing each week now recently that I’d just attach the calendar that Elder Clancy and I had to make for our schedule.  One of the coolest things that you might notice is the road trip that we have to do next week for Sunday through Thursday to do 3 of the exchanges that we have to in the Duluth Zone.  It will start with us in Pine City, then to Grand Rapids, and finally we’ll end up in Thunder Bay Canada for a little over a day to do that exchange up there.  It looks like I’ll use my passport after all and it should be pretty sweet!  We were really surprised when President approved it and said that was a great idea but we’re going with it and looking forward to working with all the great Elders all along the way.  The last cool thing to point out on the calendar is that exchange that last Monday with the New Brighton Elders.  That’s where Elder Mead is serving with his new companion that he is training, so that means exchanges with us!  I’m pretty excited for that too.

                There’s a lot of great things happening and just not enough time to tell you all about it haha.  I love you all and I’m so thankful for your love and support to me.  Talk to you again soon!

Love, Elder Alex Craft

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