Monday, August 27, 2012

Learning to BBQ

Dear Family,

     This was a great week for us here!  A lot of great things are happening that we are very blessed to be apart of.   I think I mentioned to you last week that we were planning a Liberian BBQ with our two investigators from Liberia, Brother and Sister M and that was awesome!  We went over early on Thursday to help because they told us they wanted us to learn how to make it.  We basically sat there and prepared it all.  They told us the ingredients and gave us instruction but we were the ones cutting, washing, boiling, pouring, and mixing almost everything that we ate.  We had potato greens with soup, Fufu with the same soup, Kala, watermelon, and peanut butter chicken and steak that we grilled.  It was kind of crazy with all 4 burners on the stove going and the grill, but it turned out great.  We had talked to and invited 7 other members of the ward to come over and they all really loved the food.  It wasn't half bad if I do say so myself and Brother and Sister M gave us all the credit anytime anyone said anything haha.  They are so awesome though and told us that now we can go home and impress our families with our cooking skills, so everyone look out for the foreign feast that I'm going to whip up.  The only challenge will be finding all the right ingredients in Utah haha.  Not only was the BBQ great but we were able to teach them two other times this week and one was last night at the mission home with President and Sister Clements.  It went really well both times and all people that meet them love them.  We were able to set a baptismal date with the both of them for August 22nd and they are excitedly preparing for that day!  The best part is that within the mission, and I think the church in general as far as missionary work goes, there has been a focus on teaching about baptism as a covenant and the eternal aspect of what we are teaching people to find true conversion.  The Ms understand that and are even more excited for their chance to go to the temple and do baptisms after their own baptism and for their sealing a year from then.  It's an amazing thing to continually see these changes and desires grow within people.  Sister M, the other lady being baptized on the 8th, is doing well also.  She is progressing and has made a lot of changes in her life.  It's so cool to see how proud we are of her and how much love and encouragement we feel for these people and then try to even comprehend the amount of pride and love Our Heavenly Father has for us when we do what is right.

     It's great to see all the many miracles that the Lord provides for all of us and our area and this mission seem to be doing really well.  We are just hoping to continue to find now so that October and November will be just as good for us as August and September have been.  It's going to be the people we are finding and meeting with now that can make that progression in the future.

     We have a very busy but exciting week ahead.  The 5 Twin Cities Zones will be going to the Twins game this Thursday and we have to prepare our training for Zone Conference this Friday. On top of all of that Sister Yazzie serving in the Edina part of the ward is going back to temple square after her couple transfers she's been out here and her companion Sister Briggs will be going to Waconia to be in a trio for the rest of the transfer, so we are now going to be covering their area and moving in to their apartment.  Moving, Twins game with 100 other missionaries, and Zone Conference should make for a very full and eventful week.

     It sound like things have been and are getting even more eventful at home too.  I'm glad to hear that things are going well though and most importantly that Natalie survived school haha ;).  I will continue to pray for all of you and hope to see the same great things continue for you.  Once again thanks for all the help and support that you all give to me.  Your faith and prayers are helping to bless the lives of all these people too.  The Lord hears and answers us and it's a great time to be a missionary.

Love, Elder Alex Craft

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