Monday, September 12, 2011


Dear Everyone,

     Haha I'm running out of fun clever ways to start off these emails each week.  This week was definitely busy and chaotic in a sense.  I spent all my time trying to pack up not only my stuff but Elder Haupt was having to pack up his stuff to move the few miles down to the Southern end of the ward.  We had to try to divide up supplies and the Area Book into North and South again. Amid all this we were trying to figure out the final details so that Elder Haupt would have a place to live and trying to see these investigators that I've grown to love.  We didn't get to see all of them but we did see a few people.  I don't know what it is but the last couple moves of mine haven't been as easy as they could be. Most of the time transfers are just you packing up and getting your stuff out and on to your new place.  Oh well we got it all done so that's what's important haha.  We do transfers here a couple different ways depending on where you serve.  Almost everyone in the mission that's being transferred will meet at the mission home on transfer days to meet their new companion.  You can either get there in your own car if you're close or what I've done every time is get a ride with a member there.  Once you're ready to leave the mission home and get to your new area you will ride with the member that brought the missionary that you're replacing typically or with a member that is taking missionaries to your area.  The only time it is different usually is of you're heading South to the Rochester Zone or North to Duluth.  South isn't that different.  You just ride with the other group of missionaries going down in a members van that they have and your luggage goes on a trailer.  The ones going North are the only ones that have to ride a bus.  They catch a Greyhound from the mission home, so they have to weigh their bags and make sure they're not over 50 lbs and all that fun stuff.  For that reason I'm not particularly excited to ever be moved up there.  Transfers are usually pretty smooth and easy though so I'd tell a certain worried friend of ours not to worry about it because the Zone Leaders coordinate everything out here really smoothly.  :)  It's funny what Lance said about being with your companion more than your wife because that's something we've talked about a few times out here.  Realistically you are with your companion about 23 hrs of the day.  You definitely learn to cooperative and survive together haha.  Either that or it can be the longest 6 weeks of your life.  We get our money each month or MSF ( Missionary Support Fund) automatically from Salt Lake at the beginning of each month.  They give you a debit card when you come out that is directly connected to that account so it's nothing complicated either.  These are good questions but I would tell them not to worry about it again.  Kevin should have his own personal account to use for things that MSF doesn't cover like I do but not to worry.  Everything will be taken care of haha.   I actually got my boots for free from some members in my first area.  They had some used ones that fit that they just gave to me so it saved me some money.  Mine are some Thinsulate boots.  I don't know the specific name but Thinsulate is the brand and typically the best brand to get.  I wouldn't worry about getting any specific ones before coming out unless he finds some really good ones he wants to use.  Most missionaries I know have gotten theirs out here when they get to their first area.  His trainer and the members will know the best place and kind to get some.  Hopefully he can just luck out like I did.  I hope that answers a couple of the major questions.

    Sorry I don't have much time today but as for me here in the Eden Prairie ward it's going really well.  The ward is huge and really nice and loves the missionaries.  I actually live in the city of Chaska and we cover Chaska, Chanhassen, and a little part of Eden Prairie.  Elder White just refers to it as the Garden of Eden. haha He's so funny and we get along really well.  He's from Sandy and went to Alta High.  I actually found out that Elder Bennett from my last district is in my district again, so that should be fun.  To answer Mom's question no I am not District Leader again.  I guess I didn't cut it the last time haha jk.  They switch them up usually at transfers.

     I wish I had more details to talk about with you to make this a little longer, but that's about it for this week.  I'm trying to learn this new area where I swear there's not one straight road and all of them have the most random names haha.  Like we live on Walnut St. right next to Yellowbrick Rd.  I'm not even kidding.  haha Thanks for all the letters and support this week.  I love you all and look forward to talking to you again! Hopefully I can send some pictures next week.

Love, Elder Craft

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