Monday, July 18, 2011

The basement runneth over

Dear Family,

     That was so crazy to hear about Kevin Mead!!!  Coming up here to the land of weather extremes and miracles! haha I got chills right when I read that.  I told him I hope that I get to see him and maybe I'll get to train him when he comes out, or at least know who his trainer is.  That's so awesome!  It is crazy that he will be leaving a month before Mitch.  Too bad so sad for him haha.

     As far as the storms Mom yes there have been some crazy ones!  Last week there was a storm on Friday that put some streets under a couple feet of water and shut down 252 one of the major freeways here because it flooded across 2 lanes that were impassable for cars.  They even had a boat out on some streets to get some stranded motorists just a mile or so down the road from us.  We woke up Saturday morning to a couple inches of water in part of the Paynter's basement.  I woke up and went to empty the dehumidifier from that night (that should give you a clue to how humid it is haha) and when I walked down the hall towards the laundry room I was surprised to hear squish underneath my feet and see the water flooded in the laundry room.  It was the worst in there and flooded the food storage room a little bit as well.  Our room was fine except for the wall next to Elder Haupt's bed where it flooded a little underneath there.  None of our stuff was ruined and thankfully none of the Paynter's stuff was either.  The food storage room had water in it but only one box got really wet and because the food was in can inside it nothing was lost.  It was amazing that the floor and carpet underneath and around all the boxes was saturated but only one of them really got wet.  Apparently there was a pipe from outside, that we think is to filter the water our of the cinder blocks, that runs to a drain in the laundry room and that drain was clogged, so because there was so much water it just filled up and overflowed all night.  It was lucky we caught it when we did and it only took 2 hours to basically get everything cleaned and most of the water vacuumed up with the Shopvac.  We were definitely very blessed that it wasn't worse.

     That was a fun little adventure and now for the past few days it's been extremely hot and humid.  Yesterday it was 86 degrees with 97% humidity!  The heat index put it up to 110!  I've never sweat so much in my life I don't think and especially not in a shirt and tie haha.  We were working really hard for that goal we had last week and came close.  We're going to keep working for that this week even with the weather being hot and humid like that all week.  It's going to be fun haha.  It literally feels like walking around in the bathroom just after a really hot shower.  Definitely something I'll never have in Utah haha.  It sounds like that heat's pretty intense for all of you.  Especially just relying on fans to cool the house.  Looks like the days of sleeping under the swamp cooler in the hall are over.  I hope you guys can get it fixed.  That has to be tough.  I can have sympathy for you because even though I'm out in the heat all day I get to come home to a central air conditioned basement.  So I do feel bad for you guys Mom haha :).

     Well sorry it's not very long this week.  There's a ton of people at the library again and I'm running out of time.  I hope that everyone's doing well and staying relatively cool haha.  I love and miss you guys!  I hope to hear from you soon.

Love, Elder Craft

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