Monday, February 14, 2011

Transfer News

Malo e lelei Craft Family,

     (I'm pretty fluent in Tongan now if you hadn't noticed. haha)  It was so good to hear form you all.

     Like I had mentioned to you all today is the day of transfer calls, and neither one of us thought we'd leave.  Especially because they usually call earlier in the morning and we didn't get a call until almost 10.  The phone call was pretty interesting.  Elder Katoa's getting a "special assignment" our mission president said.  He's going to be with a new Elder, Elder Veni, that's only been out for 1 transfer, and he came from straight off the island of Tongan.  That's going to be pretty cool for him, but weird for that elder to come here.  Talk about culture shock coming to little old Menomonie Wisconsin.  AS for me in case you couldn't already guess I am being transferred.  I'm going to the Rochester Zone south of the Twin Cities.  I'm going to the Kasson area which is another branch I guess.  Except this branch is even smaller and doesn't even have enough members to have their own building yet.  They rent a building and President Howell told me on the phone that the stake president has been praying for them to get a building, and that's what he wants me to help them to do.  We'll see how that goes.  I'm going to be serving with Elder Russell down there too, so I thought that was kinda cool.  I'm really excited to actually be serving in Minnesota in the Minnesota Minneapolis Mission, but I have really enjoyed this area and I'm going to miss the members here.  I'm sad Elder Katoa and I don't have another transfer together.  He's so cool and we've gotten along so well.  He's gonna so great here though.  I taught him well. ;)

     There's been some crazy weather here the past few days.  It's been up around 40!! I was like what the heck is this?  I forgot that the sun can produce heat and not just light.  It's crazy how warm even 32 feels now.  We were walking around yesterday tracting and I only had my suit jacket on because I have to between October General Conference and April General Conference.  Otherwise we would have been in just our white shirts.  That's how good it felt.  The only problem now is that with all this melting snow it's going to turn back to ice and then that's going to be a big problem in and of itself.  I guess we'll just deal with that as it comes, but as for now we're just counting our blessings of 35 degrees!!

     I did send my license papers in a couple weeks ago, and I just got the package from you guys as we were walking out the door.  Is that the paper copy that I got form before I left or a new one?  Thanks for the package though!! That new stationary and the cookies are gonna be great!   Thanks for the letters too!!  I really enjoyed reading them.  Even Brady's very thoughtful "letter because you hate writing". 

     Like I said thanks to everyone that was able to write me this week!  It really means alot.

Dad:  I thought I'd respond to you first because you "beat mom" haha.  That was really funny.  That's so awesome about your new job!  I can't wait to hear about it.  It means alot what Grandma said to because it really was a miracle being able to teach all those students.

Mom:  I'm just curious if we ever got those pictures of the family that Alicia took printed or what happened with those?  If there are prints of them I'd really like to see them if that'd be alright.  I'm glad you were so nice to Dad as to let him write me first.  Because you're right being the best and number 1 gets old after awhile I've learned that over these 19 years! ;) hahahaha

Nick and Tati:  Thanks for the advice about the missionaries.  That's really too bad that they looked so much like they hated life.  I'll keep that in mind.  About the blog password you can just take it off so anyone can see that's fine.  Who else of my friends has one?

Kat and Tom:  Thanks so much for the card!  That's awesome about your tests too.  Way to go!!  I am feeling better yes, and don't worry about me needing a coat.  Like I said I won't need one here pretty soon and look how long I've survived with that great one that I have. haha Thanks for the concern though.
     Well sorry my email wasn't too long this week either.  I'm including some pictures on of the lake out here so you can see what I was talking about with all the cars and people out there.  My email next week will probably be longer because I'll be in a new area with all new information to share.  I hope everyone's doing great and I can't wait to hear from you guys.  I love and miss you.

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